Few updates from our personal rescue/relief efforts:


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): Dear All, Today I made one more transaction of few 100 euros for warm clothes and construction. This was my last active transaction and I have no money left in my account. I will not be collecting any money "actively" but if receive any amount, i will simply transfer it to my known links in Pakistan.

I collected between 11,000 - 12,000 euros in my personal account and I tried my level best to distribute it with the best of my knowledge and good intention. Rest Allah knows better. May Allah accept our efforts.

Thanks a lot for your efforts and contributions. People (disregard of their ethnic and religious backgrounds) have shown great respect for humanity. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR DONATIONS!



Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): We transferred 500 Euros to Aamer Abdullah (Al-akhwat) for buying warm clothes/blankets and for construction work. Money will be used in KP. Thanks for your donations.


Salma Tanveer (Multan): the work is going on at a steady pace. we visited the construction site with Dr Haroon Durrani (President of NANA) on 26th Nov. i have put up the pictures on our facebook page, including pictures of the houses which are almost complete in Kot Addu area. Dr Jamil Farooqui from APPNA also visited Kot Addu, Sunawan and Taunsa area on the same day and met our base camp manager Mr Abdul Razzak in Kot Addu. we met Dr Farooqui later in the evening and gave him a briefing of the work being done.-> More details

-> More details


Aamer Abdullah (Peshawar): Respected Syed Abdullah sb, Sir, We have received your chq of rupees 258,690/- for cleaning water at floor effected areas of Kot addu. The official receipt in the name of “Akhuwat-e-Sarhad “ is attached.

Regards, Sarfraz Ahmad (Accounts Officer) Star Automation 83-N, Model Town Extension, Lahore, Tel: +92-42-35175265-6 Fax:+92-42-35165283 Web: www.starautomation.net


Salma Tanveer (Multan): There is a lot to share after our visit to the flood area of Bagh wali on the third day of eid. this place is a 35 km area lying between Khangarh and Jamalshah, we have only gone in about 8 km from Khangarh and surveyed in detail the requirement of rehab here, we didnot go any further as we realized that the funds we have will be barely sufficient to help only these people rebuild their houses. as i told you in my last update, this is a rather neglected area as there are hardly any roads here and the communities living here are spread out over a vast land. not many government funds have come here because of the same reasons. we decided that as it is going to be very difficult to refuse anybody who deserves to be helped and lives in the vicinity where we are providing partial or complete assistance (as needed) , we will have to limit our selves to a smaller area and try to help as many people as we can, there. it was also decided that we will do away with the verandah for the time being and construct only a single room house, which will bring the cost down to Rs 80,000 instead of 1,20,000, and we will be able to help more people like this.

40 houses have been selected for complete assistance (Rs 40,00,000 for all) many were under construction. -> More details

-> More details


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): We transferred 2200 euros (RS. 258,690) to Akhwat-e-Sarhad (Aamer Abdullah) for water supply. By the help of 'Kawish Welfare Trust' the money will b used for clean drinking water at Basti Baseerah/Mochani(Kot Addu area) where house construction project is in process. Thanks to all th...e donors for their support! Next time we will transfer money for winter protection items Inshallah!


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands):15 Life straws family units were provided to village khatkalay in charsadda, 5 provided to zara maina in nowshera.


Aamer Abdullah (Peshawar): The micro loaning process is still in progress in Khyber PUkhtoonkhawa. Al-akhwat foundation Ms. Luzia Savari for her donation of 4100 swiss francs. This money will also be used for micro loaning, mainly for farmers.


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): The process of Micro Loaning for flood effected people has started in Khyber Pukhtoonkhawa by Al-ahkwat foundation.

Today 15 microfinance loans (Rs. 15000 each) and 10 grants (Rs. 13000-18000) in Surya khel, Nowshera were awarded. The beneficiaries are mostly farmers.

Please have a look at the pictures.

More pictures


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): I have transferred 1275 Euros (1,50,000 Rupees) to Aamer Abdullah in Kyber Pukhtoonkhawa. The money will be used for rehabilitation and may be for micro loaning. The team in KPK will have its strategy meeting soon and updates will be posted in few days.


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): Today I have transferred 1200 Euros to Nishtar Medical Team (MINAR Patient Welfare Soceity) and it will be used for establishing medical camps and rehabilitation in South of Punjab. MOney will also be used for on going house construction work.


Ammer Abdullah (Peshawar): 15 Life straws family units were provided to village khatkalay in charsadda, 5 provided to zara maina in nowshera.


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): We have started rebuilding of houses in the flood affected areas. to begin with 5 houses are being constructed in kotaddu area. bricks and roof material have been provided to these people. they needed partial help as some of the bricks from their old houses were usable, as were the doors and windows. -> More details

-> More details


Ammer Abdullah (Peshawar): Akhuwat e Sarhad gratefully acknowledges the support provided by Al Khidmat foundation, KP. With the medicines provided by Akhuwat, they arranged four medical camps in Sabai Budani (Peshawar), Kandaro and Ghari Momin (Nowshera) and Nazo Kalle (Charsadda). The camps provided treatment and water purification tablets to 2022 patients. Both male and female doctors were present in the camps.


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): Today I have transferred 1275 Euros (1,50,000 Rupees) to Aamer Abdullah in Kyber Pukhtoonkhawa. The money will be used for rehabilitation and may be for micro loaning. The team in KPK will have its strategy meeting soon and updates will be posted in few days.


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): Today I have transferred 1200 Euros to Nishtar Medical Team (MINAR Patient Welfare Soceity) and it will be used for establishing medical camps and rehabilitation in South of Punjab.


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): In the past three weeks we were busy in establishing links for buying water purification units. Finally we managed to buy "Life Straw Family units" from KRT. as a test run, We have bought 20 family units which are already deployed in KPK. One unit is enough for 5 persons for ~2 years. Pictures/deta...ils will come soon. we are planning to order more units Inshallah, If everything works as expected.


Salma Tanweer (Multan): 2 medical camps were conducted, one in Aliwala, Muzafargarh on the 21st, a team of 4 doctors-- 2 from Lahore ,Drs Waseem & Owais, dr Shabaz & Dr Mubbashir Daha saw about 200 patients here. on 22nd a medical camp was done by the same doctors in Kotaddu and 500 patients were seen. on 23rd supervision of hand pumps installation and a very comprehensive survey for rebuilding of houses was done in Aliwala by the same team. Dr Shabaz Malik, said his goodbyes & is leaving for USA tonight. Thankgod his trip was safe and useful! we will really miss his zealous participation in all the work. (putting up pictures from his camera on our facebook link ! good ones !) hand pumps installation in Thaiti Hamza was completed and 6 were installed.-> More details

-> More details


Shahbaz malik (USA / Multan): Just a short update on my trip so far. Despite the hurdles, alhamdulillah I arrived in Pakistan last Tuesday, Multan on Wednesday, and reached in the flood affected areas on Thursday. While hearing and seeing the scale of the destruction on TV back in the states, only being here helped me realize that what has been done so far is just a drop in a very, very large bucket of what is needed. Since being here I've been in cars and trucks for hours and looking out of the windows in every direction there are crops and homes destroyed. The buildings left standing all have the stain of the flood waters upon them. Those lucky, smart enough, and with the capability to were able to move their belongings to safety, but for the vast majority even though their homes may have been saved, what was in them was ruined. Where I am in southern Punjab, the vast majority of people are subsistence farmers. They have lost livestock, and perhaps more importantly their Summer crops. Despite the oppressive heat of this time of year there are large tracts of farmland that is still underwater and unusuable. I've taken many pictures and have also have been writing a journal which I will insha'allah post for those interested when back in the states. I've seen many good people here in Pakistan working hard trying to help. What is needed is now is more people's time, effort, and money. In whatever way you can think you can help, please do. I truly believe it has been worth the time and effort to come. wasalaam, Shahbaz Malik


Salma Tanweer (Multan):in the last 5 days 4 medical camps were conducted one at rohailanwali and aliwala each and 2 in chakkar dari, Kotaddu. about 1500 patients were seen altogether, malaria is on the rise, and sufferers of severe conjunctivitis were numerous. skin infection and gastroenteritis are still around. rehydration salts were the most dispensed items. upper respiratory problems are also increasing. the conditions prevalent in these areas make me realize that this is a very resilient population, most of them living under the open skies, managing not to get sick! -> More details

-> More details


Salma Tanweer (Multan): a long time has passed since my last update, a lot has been done in these days. our team has been on its toes all through out Eid, from morning till night, hats off to them.

-- clothes, shoes and food were distributed in the area of bund sunawan to about 800 people

-- 100 tents were distributed around Kotaddu area

-- an exhaustive survey for houses was done in 4 areas -- Basti panch murla, Baseera, Aliwala, Hockeywala(near Taunsa)

-- water purification plant with 2 tanks and a motorized water machine- sent from USA (Dr Jabbar, Louisville) - was finally installed in village Gurmani, which has a population of about 5000 people

-- hand pumps survey was done in the areas, need assessed.

-- medical camps were done in Hockeywala, Aliwala & Kotaddu

-- Dr Shabaz Malik, a physician from USA arrived here today to join us in our efforts. despite all my discouragement, he still had the zest to come. more updates tomorrow, insha Allah.


Saima Tariq Khan (Multan): at about one month of our work, we decided it was time for another survey to assess the various needs of the flood affected people and plan our work accordingly.

5th September the core team went to Kot addu, with 7 young doctors and Mr Razzaq ( the great guy whose house is our base camp in Kotaddu) with many local people who are helping to organize our medical camps and distribution. we went to basti unati hazarwee (village 29000) about 10 km from Kotaddu, where a camp had been arranged in the outer courtyard of a mosque. an announcement a day earlier by the village mosque helped gather a large number of patients. on our way we saw 2 other medical camps working in the nearby area. this was heart warming. the medical team consisting of 10 doctors, started the camp while the others went with Mr Razzaq (the great guy whose house is our base camp in Kotaddu) to survey the surrounding area.-> More details

-> More details


Saima Tariq Khan (Multan):

we had a core body meeting to decide various issues;

1. food supply from now on after EID will be on demand and after survey. food is not an urgent problem now all the places visited by us people have stocks for 2-4 weeks

2. medical camps will continue twice per week

3. hand pumps are needed and as many as possible will be installed

4. people need help with construction of houses. there is atotal destruction as most houses were KUCHA. bricks are expensive in the area 5000/1000 as brick kilns are destroyed , getting them from other areas will be costly as well, govt is going to give some money to the victims but not enough to see them through. we are also ...-> More details

-> More details


Ammer Abdullah (Peshawar): The following food items were sent to swat yestersay. 1600 kg wheat flour, 400 kg rice, 400 kg sugar, 320 ltrs cooking oil, 80 kg powder milk, 40 kg tea, salt and masala packets. We have taken care that the consignment isn't mobbed or looted. Will be distributed today inshallah. Jazakumullah u khaira


7th August - 4th September 2010 - Monthly Summary

Maryam/Salma Tanweer (Multan):dear friends, The summary of our work is as follows: MEDICAL CAMPS : We started our flood relief work on the 7th of August and a need assessment trip was made to Muzzafargarh & Kotaddu. Initially most of the roads were flooded and road access to muzzafargarh and Kot ...Addu was not possible, which were the nearest and one of the worst hit areas as well. It was decided that are medical relief work would be conducted with the help of the army as only transportation that was possible was with the army helicopters at the time. We conducted medical clinics in Jampur, Rojhan, Kot Mithan and Rajanpur which served as base camps, from where we also took boats to access more remote areas where people were stranded. This area is about 300km south of Multan. A large number of patients were seen during these first few days, about 5000+. Gastroenteritis, skin and eye infections were the most rampant. As the roads became accessible by the 23rd of August, we started our medical camps in Kot Addu area. About 10,000 patients have been seen and provided with medicine as required in the camps here. COOKED FOOD AND CLEAN DRINKING WATER : cooked food is being provided from the 7th of August to about 800 people who have taken refuge on bund Sunawan from near by villages. This was done via boat for the first two and half weeks until we had road access. We want to continue providing food here till the last day of ramazan. DRY FOOD RATION AND CLEAN DRINKING WATER: In this period we have provided dry ration and bottled water to 1000 families(of 7-8 members) for 2 weeks. each food packet contained 20 kilo flour, 3 kilo lentils, 3 kilo rice, 2 kilo sugar, 2 kilo cooking oil, 5 match boxes, 1 kilo milk powder, 400 gm tea, 250 gm red chilies, 250 gm salt, 750 gm rusks, 1 packet vermicelli and 2 soap bars. WORK IN PROGRESS: We have chosen 100 families who have returned to their flood damaged homes to provide tents to. With research we have come to understand that these people will not be able to reconstruct their homes for another 6 months and so are in dire need of shelter. With tents we will also provide plastic floor matting(chittayan). We will start distributing these tents on sunday. We will also provide 2 khais, basic utensils and dry ration to these people. We have also identified houses where we want to install hand pumps with deep boring to 60 feet to provide clean water. a 1000 suits for men, women and children are also being stitched and 1000 pair of shoes which we want to distribute before eid. MONEY SPENT UP TILL NOW : medical camps= 0.8 million IV fluids to DHQ Muzzafargarh= 0.3 million cooked food= 1.3 million dry ration and water= 2.4 million tents= 0.8 million beddings and utensils= 0.3 million clothes and shoes= 0.5 million in total= 6.4 million rupees have been spent. FUTURE PLANS : 1. Medical camps will continue for atleast 6 months or more. health awareness, immunization, treatment of chronic ailments, etc in 2nd phase 2.provision of safe drinking water, installatiomn of hand pumps. purifying plants. 3. rehabilitation -- construction material, basic household utilities 4. supporting means of earning livelihood we are very grateful to our donors, and thank them for their generous support. special word of thanks to APPNA & NANA. Dr.Salma Tanweer


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): Recent updates from Nishtar : a medical camp was conducted on the other side of railway track in kotaddu, at the railway station , this was a badly hit area and water upto 7 feet remained here for several days. ... more details


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): Recent updates from Nishtar :

August 31: mobile medical camp conducted in Chakkar gari ... more details

Sep 1: 4 doctors left for Kotaddu in the morning from Multan with medicine supplies-Doctors Rabia, Sahar, Muddasir & Waqas ... more details

Sep 2: the team split in two, the Lady doctors went to Noor Shah colony camp, as this was als announced on the previous day a loyt of patients came. the boys went to Thaithi Hamza ... more details


Ammer Abdullah (Peshawar): Your transfers of 500 euros, 300 euros and 92000 rupees to Akhuwat e Sarhad are gratefully acknowledged. The amounts will be used towards providing food packets to the flood affectees of Kalam who are presently in Mingora. Our volunteer, Mr. Sardar Yusufzai, will coordinate the distribution on spot on Monday inshallah. Details of number and contents of packets will be provided later.


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): Recent updates from Nishtar :

Daily Update here

Nishtar Long term relief plan /do read/


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): Today I transferred 500 Euros to Aamer Abdullah (Akhwat e sarhad). Below is the message from Aamer Abdullah (in reply to my email):

Aamer Abdullah (Peshawar): "Nobody expected this thing to stretch out so long. In the beginning we used personal accounts as the scope was not clear. Now that we have time to plan, considering that we will be working for far longer, I want the accounts and money transfer channels to be formalised and very very transparent. Further, having different channels is an accounting nightmare. I am also in the process of formalising partnerships with organizations such as Akhuwat and Al-Khidmat. Since the start of Ramadhan there was a shortage of available doctors. We therefore transferred the balance of our considerable medicines stock to Al-Khidmat who have around the clock medical presence in some camps. People have started returning to what is left of their homes. We are now considering provision of cash support (limit yet to be determined but hope to be more that Rs. 5000). Some other friends also urge us to provide educational scholarships. Good idea but will need funding support from some organization on a long term basis."


/Must read/ Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): Click here for the details of our long term - 2 phase relief plan for flood victims Click here for the Nishtar Long term relief plan


Husnul Amin (Peshawar): Alhamdulillah, we were able to distribute your donations in the form of cash at the "deserted villages" Shabera (Charsadda), Rajar (Charsadda), Tangi (Charsadda), Pir Sabaq (Nowshera) and Pushtoon Garhi (Nowshera). We hired a tractor and trolly to reach certain villages like Shabera. We visited each identified destructed house and handed over the envelop containing Rs. 3000/= cash preferably to a lady. In this way, Rs. 500,000/= (five Lakhs) were distributed. I was accompanied by Mr Mushtaq (our team leader in the IDPs issue who managed our 23,000 euros donations last year); Mr Gulzar Ahmad Khan (a local activist at Charsadda); and Mr Zia ul Amin (my brother who volunteered for the activity). May Allah accept this humble activity on the Day hereafter.


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): Mobile Medical camps by Nishtar Medical Team

Daily Update here

More pictures


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): Updated two more stories of excellent relief activities. Do read the August 19, 2010 update: http://www.rahber.org/floodrelief/nishtarupdates.html

Nishtar Doctors team is now also collborating with the Patient Welfare Society at MINAR. The Patient Welfare Society at MINAR will undertake to receive and disburse funds through its accounts, coordinate the activity and provide audited financial statements to the donors should they need this.

Detials: Read the 18-08-2010 post at: http://www.rahber.org/floodrelief/nishtarupdates.html


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands):Update from Aamer Abdullah - Akhwat-e-Sarhad is busy with its relief and rescue activities (Food suuplies and mobile medical camps in remore areas of Phyber Pukhtoonkhawa). Do have a look at the new photo album of our recent activties.

More Pictures here

More Pictures here


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): We have setup a special paypal account for Nishtar Doctors Team and now you can doante online for them. here is the link:



Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): Today I transferred 500 Euros (around 55,000 Rupees) for Nishtar Medical College/Hospital doctors' Flood Relief Efforts. I transferred this money to Dr. Salma Tanweer (Registrar/Associate Professor Nishter Medical College/Hospital) who is personally taking caring of all relief efforts.

We would really like to collect more money for this cause (HELP THE CAUSE).

Here are the daily updates: http://www.rahber.org/floodrelief/nishtarupdates.html

Here is the call for donation: http://www.rahber.org/floodrelief/multan.html


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): We raised 1300 euros for a food truck (10 kg Flour and 10 kg Rice for more than 200 families) and food items were Alhumdulillah successfully delivered by Hammad Cheema (Islamabad) and his team in really unaccessible areas (Sawat, Chakdara, Thana,...). Mashallah wonderful effort by him and hats off to the team!

Here is the story:

"Its the worst flood of our history", we have heard this from many but one has to see it to feel the real magnitude of the calamity facing our beloved country. I started to contact friends in Khyber Pukhtoonkha (KP) to find out which areas were less focused on by NGOs and the government and surprisingly Malakand division was the one being ignored. This division includes the famous tourist spots of Swat, Mingora, Madyan, Bahrain and Kalam.
The next step was fund raising for which friends from Holland responded quickly and sent around 1 lac 40 thousand RPS. A truck carrying 300 bags of rice and 300 bags of flour was arranged with Mingora as target destination. The rest of the money was raised within Pakistan from friends and family. The truck was loaded in Gujranwala where the price and quality of rice and flour is reasonable.....Continues...

Click here to Read more (the Full story)

Click here for all Pictures



Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): Updates from Nishtar Medical college/hospital team



Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): Messgae from Food Drive for Flood -> It took all night planning at Morro and a 6hr search for the needful and displaced people. Finally, the relief goods were delivered at SM Bandh, Mile 64 - Mithiani, Dist. N. Feroz. Thank God and each one ...who helped out. In addition to help the flood victims our effort was aimed to awaken the youth of Karachi. ...Every little contribution counts, so get up and get out there!

We were able to distribute all 10,000 (around) items.

food drive for flood

More pictures


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): Messgae from Altaf Qadir -> I had a personal visit to Islamabad last evening. I was contacted by 2 individuals when I was there since I had sent them link of the ongoing relief efforts and they donated a sum of Rs. 40000/-. Both committed that they will contribute more after collecting funds from their families and friends. We will spend the amount with Aamer Abdullah's consultation. A personal Friend from Switzerland also transferred 1000 Swiss Francs (948.497 USD) to Akhuwat e Sarhad account yesterday. She committed that more amount will be transferred within a couple of weeks. Yesterday, we purchased 275 chadars for females of Mian Gujjar which was urgently needed. We will purchase more in a couple of days Insha Allah.


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): Today I transferred 1300 Euros for a Food Turck (10kg Rice and 10kg Flour (aata) for 200 families). I transferred this money to Hammad Cheema (Lecturer in NUST) who is personally going to take a truck of RAMADAN RATION to SAWAT (and remote surroundings). He will update us soon about his activity.


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): Truck for Food Drive for Flood Left today from Karachi for Kottery. They managed to collect 10,000 items and they will be distributing them today. More updates soon.


Aamer Abdullah (Peshawar): Message from Aamer -> "Suleman. There are many updates but they are all the same. Medical camps and food supplies to isolated villages of Charsadda and Nowshera. Food consignments for Shangla. This is on going work. Just one change. In some villages we found out that no women are coming for treatment to out medical camps. On inquiry, we found that most of them have lost their chadors in the flood and would not come out of their present dwellings. We have therefore decided to distribute 350 chadors in one such village.
We have also teamed up with the team of Dr. Asif Mahmood Jah who will be travelling tomorrow inshallah to Shahpur in Shangla. They will stay there for at least two days, treat patients and distribute relief items. We are trying to coordinate this mission with our local friends in Shangla."


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands):Today I transferred 300 dollars (around 238 euros) for Food Drive for Flood in Karachi. I transferred this money to Hassan Baweja (paypal) who is going to take a truck of relief goods/commodities to Kottery (in Sindh). Kottery is badly effected by the recent floods and many recent tv programs mentioned its situation.


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): Today I transferred 500 Euros to Husnul/Aamer bhai for the ongoing relief efforts. This money will go to the general fund and will be used for sending mobile medical camps and for buying food and other relief goods.


Aamer Abdullah (Peshawar):Today we sent a food consignment and a medical mission to Habib Mian dheray, Umarzai. More than 500 Patients were examined and medicines provided.
With the help of more volunteers and on the strength of donor commitments we are expanding our operations from tomorrow inshallah. The elders of three villages near Surya Khel Nowshera have agreed to hire a tandoor near Nowshera and we will provide aata. The volunteers will then be responsible for baking and distributing the bread among flood affectees.
Another consignment of wheat flour (2250 kg) will be sent to Leelonai, Ghorband, in shangla district. From there it will be taken by mule backs to two villages in the mountains. We have teamed up with the organization of Ziauddin Yusuzai for this task.
We will also provide some cash compensation to four households in Jalala who have lost their belongings. This will be on a pilot basis and will be continued if more donors express their wish.
Thank you team for coming forward and helping the cause. Keep it up.


Suleman Shahid (Netherlands): Alhamdulillah, today i transferred 500 Euros to Husnul/Aamer bhai for the ongoing relief efforts. I will transfer the next amount in couple of days.


Husnul Amin (Peshawar): Alhamdulillah, I have received Rs. 1,23,000/= in Pakistan and Rs. 189,000/= from my Abn amro account in the Netherlands. I expect some more very soon. This email offers an update about fund raising only. For relief activity, please see Aamer bhai's email. I have devoted myself to fund raising only. Your donations are transferred/will be transferred to Aamer bhai for relief activity in the field.


Aamer Abdullah (Peshawar):Yesterday our team despatched the second medical team to shabara and mian kalay. A food consignment (about 12 deg rice and ghee etc) was sent to be distributed in the outskirts of peshawar.
Today we sent a medical team and medicines to Sardaryab and Mian gujjar villages on the shah alam river. Around 250 patients were examined and provided medicines. Foodstuffs equal to 18 deg were also sent.
Tomorrow we plan to sent a medical camp to the utmanzai general area.


Aamer Abdullah (Peshawar): New consignment of pics. Some pics also show our volunteers.

Click here for picture


Aamer Abdullah (Peshawar): Pics for today's medical camp are attached. A total of 650 patients were examined and provided medicine.

Click here for picture


Aamer Abdullah (Peshawar): Forgive me for using clichés but I have to say that we are up against the challenge of a generation. What I have seen today in charsadda and nowshera dwarfs my previous estimates.
We organized two missions today. A food shipment to the affectees of Shabara (on river jindi) and a medical camp for the same area. At two different locations our team members treated more than 650 patients and provided them with medicines. At the end of the day our two doctors were too tired to continue. Tomorrow we will be back to the area with a fresh team, inshallah. Pics coming soon.


Husnul Amin (Peshawar):

Here is an update on donations I received from the NETHERLANDS:

1. Euros 750 at my ABN Amro bank account
2. Rs. 52,000/= here in Islamabad

I expect some more donations soon inshaallah


Aamer Abdullah (Peshawar): More rains....
It has started all over again. Roads starting to cut off. Our team had procured foodstuffs and medicines but we have been advised not to move to the areas today. This advice came from some affectees themselves.Please pray for those stranded.
Our team is ready and waiting for the weather to clear. In the meanwhile we are fine tuning our planning, fund raising, capacity and team building. More volunteers have joined us from the Peshawar university area and we are considering giving some honorarium to those who left their much needed day jobs to lend a helping hand. Any advice/help will be appreciated.


Aamer Abdullah (Peshawar): Today our team reached "Khatkalay Majukay" in Charsadda. We are the first team to reach this village. Almost 80 percent of the village is wiped out. 450-500 people are stranded in three school buildings. Our team distributed food, water and clothes. We have promised the villagers to return with more tomorrow. The villagers are also in need of medicines and a doctor. We are currently requesting some doctor friends to help us organize a medical camp tomorrow.
Promises of donations pouring in. Good to see our people respond. Restores faith in ourselves as one nation. Keep it going folks.


Aamer Abdullah (Peshawar): I am on the khyali bridge. Seems like a war zone. Volunteers of our team distributing food and water. (drinking) Water is scarce. We had requested our friends to find the bottles commonly used in their homes, fill it with the same water that they usually drink and give it to us. This has worked but seems like a drop for a desert.
More later, for now I am confounded by the scale of destruction.