Details of Individuals/Groups

Many individuals and small groups in different countries (including Pakistan) have started fund raising.


In Netherlands, we have already started fund raising money flood vicitims. Aamer Abdullah and Husnul Amin (ex HEC Scholars in the Hague and now living in PukhtoonKhawa) are coordinating these efforts personally in Pakistan. We raised quite some money for IDPS and Aamer and Husnul cooridinated rescue efforts at that time in a wonderful manner. We will post all updates on regular basis: how much money was collected and how was it used.

1) Suleman Shahid

I am running this website and also part of the team in the Netherlands who is coordinating this. You can call me or send me an email for discussing the transactions, +31 620 517 696,


The bewlo details are for those inside Pakistan. For those donating from outside, we advise to pool the donations with one single person and then transfer in bulk. This will reduce transfer charges.

Aamer Abdullah

+92 333 9191 141

Account number: 1353-8, Account title: Akhuwat e Sarhad

Bank: Allied Bank limited, university town branch, Peshawar, Branch code: 0321.

Here are the bank details for sending donations directly from outside.

Account number: 03210120013538

Account title: Akhuwat admn , Swift code: ABPAPKKA

Szabist Sports Society and Roteract Midcity, Karachi

SZABIST Sports Society and Roteract Club of Karachi MidCity have taken the step to organize a collection camp for flood relief. It starts from tomorrow, 4th August, till the end of the month. see:

LUBP Initiative

Let Us Build Pakistan(LUBP) expansion & development team leader ,Farhad Jarral has decided to personally go to both provinces to deliver relief and supplies such as food, tents, medical supplies, water etc. LUBP needs volunteers to help flood affected people. For the transparency we will update our sponsors/donars about delivery of aid via blackberry images, blogposts and messages.

For details and donating contact Farhad Ahmed Jarral : Email : Contact : +923333405175

Sohaib Rahman

There is a group of some young people named "youth alliance". They are working with Alkhidmat foundation for helping the Flood hit people in Pakistan. You can contact them and it will be a great help for you and them as well. Below is the number of one of their contact person.

Sohaib Rahman: 0331-4974247

Message from Umair Khalid


Young doctors are in the process of arranging a series of free medical camps in the flood affected areas. First Camp is at Nowshera. Please Contact Ms. Alina Akhyar at, who will email you the Trust’s past activities, bank account details and other queries. They have already done some pretty impressive work.

Account number: 00400101065364 Account Title: Khadija Nadeem Askari Bank Chaklala Scheme 3 branch Rawalpindi, Khadija is the founding member and handling all donations.


A group in Finland is raising funds for the flood effected people in Pakistan. If somebody from Finland wants to contribute then please contact Mr. Zubair. (info shared by Adeel Rasheed)

1) Mr. Zubair Maalick

I am also collecting funds from all over the Finland. Already send around 1000 Euros to Pakistan and distributed to many families near Swabi (Dun remember the village name).
If anybody who want to give some Money and also want assurance where and how we spend it, we will give the clear record of each cent. inshAllah

Zubair Maalick
Kuopio, Finland

+358 417 285 373


In Germany, a number of people are coordinating this effort.

1) Waqar Saleem, +49 364 131 96 22


1) Fahad Fazal Elahi Guraya, +47 966 722 84

United Arab Emirites (UAE)

If you are in UAE, you can donate by contacting "Pakistan Association Dubai" on following local telephone numbers.

Anas: 04-3373632, 3377678; Inayat Rahman: 050-6317131; Ayub Afridi: 050-4545106; Khayal Zaman Aurakzai: 050-6287655; Ghazi Marjan Aurakzai: 050-6469910; Asam-u-Din Aurakzai: 050-7144992.

For more details - click here for the picture