USA: PostDoc Position Signal in Transduction by Inositol Phosphates Stress, Immunity and Inflammation

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Description: Inositol phosphates (particularly the “pyrophosphorylated” derivatives: IP7/ IP8) initiate signaling events that combat challenges to human health from pathogens and a variety of other environmental insults. This is a topic that has relevance to immune responses, inflammation, cancer, and metabolic disorders such as diabetes. Our goal is to unravel the molecular mechanisms of these vital signaling processes and further our understanding of organismic defenses and homeostasis. In this way we aim to promote the development of new genetic and pharmacological approaches to improving human health and longevity.

Eligibility: We have a vacancy for an enthusiastic and dedicated scientist. We are a multi-disciplinary team that uses molecular biology, confocal and FRET microscopy, analysis of protein structure, flow cytometry, proteomics, surface plasmon resonance, HPLC, and protein biochemistry. Applicants with experience in one or more of these techniques are particularly encouraged to apply; post-doctoral fellows will also have opportunities to expand their technical expertise into our specialist areas. The group is well-funded, collegial, and the salary is competitive.

To Apply:
Applicants must have obtained their doctoral degree within the past five years. They should email their CV and arrange for the delivery of three reference letters to:

Dr. Stephen Shears,
Inositol Signaling Group,
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences,
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.
Email: shears(at)

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