UK: PostDoc Research Fellow in Statistics/Bioinformatics Analysis of DNA at University of Warwick

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Duration: Fixed Term Contract for 30 months

Description:You will work on an exciting research project applying statistical/modelling/machine learning/bioinformatic techniques to a problem in DNA replication. During cell division, DNA, a double stranded helix, is duplicated, but the cellular machinery is only able to copy in one direction. The second strand is thus replicated in sections. The aim is to unravel the mechanism and dynamics of this sectioned replication, specifically what affects the location of these sections. Working with a leading biological laboratory generating (next generation) sequence data, your tasks will include analysis and visualization of the data; mapping those sequences to the genome (e.g. using Bowtie/Velvet) and analysing their distribution; carrying out statistical tests to answer key biological questions; integrate the data with other databases, e.g. correlating with key location markers throughout the genome; interpret the data in collaboration with collaborators, and develop models and appropriate fitting algorithms, e.g. constructing bespoke Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms. You will then determine which models of replication are supported by the data.

Eligibility:You should have a PhD in a relevant subject, such as Statistics, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Bioinformatics or similar, should have an interest in biology/biological mechanism and be very enthusiastic about applying physical science techniques to biological data. An ability to program in a high level language is essential (perl, C++, python, R), whilst experience with large sequence data sets is useful. Previous experience with analysis of biological data and collaboration with biologists is highly desirable but not necessary. An understanding of the biology is not expected. An ability to write scientific papers/reports and good communication skills with other disciplines is also highly desirable. You should also be ambitious, dedicated and highly motivated.
Applications must include a full academic CV and a letter outlining your interests, your suitability for the post and what you can bring to it. Please include at least 2 referees whom we can contact. Interviews are expected to take place in December 2013. Enquiries can be made to Nigel Burroughs,

Funding:This post is funded by BBSRC.

Starting date: Preferred start date between Jan-April 2014.

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