UK: Research Associate in Modelling of Molecular Electronic Materials at Imperial College London

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Salary Range: £32,750 – £41,540 per annum (Maximum starting salary on appointment will be £32,750 per annum)

Fixed Term: Up to 23 months, starting November 2013

Description: Applications are invited for a Research Associate to work in the Experimental Solid State Group in the Department of Physics to carry out research in the simulation and modelling of molecular electronic materials. The research forms part of an EPSRC funded research project addressing the relationship between microstructure and optoelectronic properties of organic semiconductor films processed from solution. This RA will be responsible for developing and testing methods to simulate the structural, electronic and spectroscopic properties of a variety of organic semiconductors. He or she will work with other group members to interpret experimental data and design experiments and to develop structure-property relationships that can be applied to develop better molecular electronic materials solar cells and integrated circuits.

Eligibility: You must have a PhD in Physics, Chemistry or Materials Science, or an equivalent level of professional qualifications and experience. Previous experience in the calculation of the electronic structure of organic semiconductor materials in the ground and excited states using quantum chemical methods, working with Gaussian and other packages is essential. You must also have experience in the validation of calculations against experimental data; the development and testing of methods to simulate opto-electronic properties of organic semiconductors and the modelling structure of molecular materials. Previous experience of scientific programming in c/c++ and / or python and experience of shell scripting is also essential.  You must have a proven ability to design simulation experiments and a strong publication record in computational materials science research.

Previous experience in simulating dynamics of organic semiconductors, with molecular dynamics or other molecular modelling techniques, and the development of methods to probe excited state properties would be desirable. An understanding of the structural characterisation of organic semiconductors using diffraction, microscopic and spectroscopic techniques and the ability to represent molecular and electronic structure visually would also be beneficial.

The Imperial College High Performance Computing facility (CX1 Linux PC cluster, and CX2 SGI Altix machine) will be available for calculations in this research. Greater computational resource can be requested from national EPSRC facilities.

You will be expected to contribute to the Department’s teaching activities up to approximately half a day per week during the academic year, as appropriate.

To Apply: Our preferred method of application is online via our website, please select “job search” then enter the job title or vacancy reference number into “keywords” – vacancy ref:NS2013205SC).

Applications must include:

  • A college application form quoting job reference number NS2013205SC on the form
  • A full CV
  • A 2 page research statement indicating what you see are interesting research issues relating to the above post and why your expertise is relevant.

Should you have any queries regarding the application process contact Mrs Bhavna Patel, Tel: +44 (0) 20 7594 6691.

Closing Date: 25 September 2013

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