UK: Research Assistant in GeoSciences University of Edinburgh

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Fixed Term: 12 months

Salary Scale: £25,504 – £29,541

Vacancy Ref: 018889

Description: A subsurface geoscientist is required, to interpret offshore data for a joint drilling proposal from a UK (University of Edinburgh and the British Geological Survey) and Norwegian consortium to assess CO2 storage in early Palaeogene and Neogene strata of the northern North Sea. These rocks host the Sleipner CO2 storage project in the Norwegian sector and include very large storage targets and associated seal rocks in the UK sector. The overburden sequence provides secondary seal rocks to further contain CO2 within potential storage sites.  The area has had a complex recent history of glacial advance and retreat. Seismic sections will be examined to develop the existing seismic sequence stratigraphic framework and improve the understanding of the sedimentology; properties of reservoir and seal; and hydraulic connectivity of the stacked Paleogene reservoir sandstones. Data on the shallow subsurface will be examined to inform the understanding of the deformation and pressure effects of glacial over-riding and unloading on the underlying bedrock.

The successful candidate will be expected to interpret seismic sections using standard industry software, and interpret wireline logs and core s. They will work closely with staff in the University of Edinburgh and the BGS. The UK-Norway consortium will submit a pre-proposal in 2013 and proposal in 2014 to IODP for the optimum site (or sites) for the drilling of a scientific borehole to fully test the properties of storage site, seal rock and overburden strata in the Northern North Sea. The candidate will undertake characterisation of the UK sequence relevant to CO2 storage.

Closing Date: 18 September 2013 at 5pm GMT

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