Netherlands: PhD candidate for Search and Exploration of Political Data at University of Amsterdam

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Job description

The University of Amsterdam is looking for a versatile, highly motivated PhD candidate to work on search and exploration of political data as part of the Exploratory Political Search (ExPoSe)project funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research.

Project description

Our parliamentary proceedings reflect our history from centuries ago up to today, in a common format that survived the test of time, and reflecting any event of significance (times of war and peace, of economic crisis and prosperity, etc.).  With carefully curated proceedings becoming available in digital form in many countries, new research opportunities arise at an unprecedented longitudinal scale, and across different nations, cultures, and political representation systems.

The ExPoSe project focuses on search and exploration of the parliamentary proceedings and related linked data, with three interrelated sub-projects. The chosen candidate for this position will study exploratory search tools that support researchers and their emerging digital research methods, in collaboration with researchers in parliamentary history and digital humanities.  The two other sub-projects are: exploratory linked data (in collaboration with data journalists and media studies) and a living lab for exploratory political (re)search.


Applicants must have a research oriented master’s degree in a relevant field by the appointment date, and must have strong and demonstrable skills in:

  • information retrieval, in particular statistical language modeling and semantic search;
  • exploratory search, information seeking behavior, interaction, and UI/UX design;
  • solid programming.

Research experience, or a track record of project based work, and demonstrable interest in the domain of application are a clear plus.

Conditions of employment

The PhD candidate will be appointed full-time for a period of four years at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Amsterdam. A first contract will be given for 12 months, with an extension for the remaining period on the basis of a positive evaluation. The gross monthly salary (on a full-time basis) will range between €2,083 to €2,664.

Additional information

Additional information can be obtained from:

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