UK:Post Doc Research Associate in Department of Physics and Astronomy at University of Sheffield

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Contract Type: Fixed term for 24 months.

Salary: £28,685 to £36,298 per annum / Grade 7

Closing Date: 17th October 2013

Job Reference Number: UOS007089

Description: The Quantum Information Science group at the University of Sheffield is looking for a Postdoctoral Research Assistant to work on the properties of Majorana Fermions for Quantum Information processing. In the project we would look at the robustness of the various schemes for implementation of Majorana-based Topological Quantum computing (TQC). At present these have focused on condensed matter and ultra-cold atomic systems, and we would wish to extend this work to measurement based TQC. Our particular interest lies in how robust these schemes are to the presence of the realistic noise and decoherence that they will encounter in the laboratory. This will lead to new proposals for producing the best possible fault tolerance in the implementation of Majorana based TQC.

Eligibility:You should hold a PhD in quantum information theory of condensed matter theory that relates to the project or have equivalent experience. The successful candidate will be based in the Physics department working with Pieter Kok, Keith Burnett and David Whittaker.

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