UK: Postgraduate Research Position in Burning-Rate and Auto-Ignition Project at University of Leeds

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Scholarship Name: Burning rate and Auto-Ignition characteristics of alternative fuels and fuel blends for automotive engines.

Scholarship Type: Home/EU

Number: 1

Fees: £3,950

Maintenance: £13,726

Funding type: EPSRC (CASE)

Description: The issues of global warming and fuel supply are opening up exciting prospects for the application of new fuels. There is considerable understanding of conventional fuels, and their performance in conventional engines is readily predicted through mathematical modelling and experience in their use over many years. However, there is much less data for fuel performance at conditions that apply to existing engines and those that utilise advanced concepts. Further, alternative fuels that include bio-fuels can have very different characteristics to those of conventional fuels. If new fuels are to be efficiently used in engines, without loss of power and with reduced emissions, it is essential to improve fundamental understanding of the combustion process and to generate accurate auto-ignition and burning rate data. In addition to flame structure and instabilities, these underlie application in all engines. Such parameters must be fully understood before accurate predictions of engine performance can be obtained.

The project will involve mainly experimental work, but with some theoretical/modelling and will utilise a unique fan-stirred turbulent combustion vessel at Leeds to obtain measurements of combustion at the elevated pressures relevant to real combustion devices. A unique rapid compression machine will reveal information on auto-ignition characteristics. The test facilities have excellent optical access for various laser based combustion diagnostics that include time dependent 3D mie-scatter imaging, which will utilise a new state of the art high repetition rate laser.

Eligibility: Minimum Academic Requirements (if English is not your first language, then candidates must also meet the University’s English language requirements). Applications are invited from candidates with or expecting a First or Upper Second Class Honours Degree (or equivalent) in engineering (Mechanical Engineering or related disciplines). Interest in Automotive, Oil, Energy, alternative fuels, experimentation and/or, advanced diagnostics is desirable.Applicants will be expected to work in a multidisciplinary environment and work closely with industry. In addition, evidence of high levels of communication and team-working skills are highly desirable.

Duration: Scholarship from September 2013 for 42 months (3.5 years). A top up will provided by the industrial partner and the amount is to be confirmed.

Note: Due to funding restrictions, this studentship is open to UK/EU students only.

Apply: Please state clearly on the funding section of the application form that you wish to be considered for the “Burning rate and Auto-Ignition project with Dr Lawes”. In the research information section please use the name Dr. Malcolm Lawes.

Contact Details: 0113 343 2108 /

For Information:If you have any questions please contact our Graduate School Office.
t: +44 (0)113 343 8000

Closing Date: 16 September 2013.

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