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Description: Frank Knox Fellowships are offered to fund graduate study for up to two consecutive years at Harvard University.   They comprise full tuition and health insurance fees, plus a stipend of at least $26,000 These Fellowships provide fantastic support for British citizens normally resident in the UK, enabling them to take the full range of graduate programmes offered by one of the world’s leading universities.  In addition to generous funding, you will be part of a community of Knox Fellows from Canada, Australia & New Zealand as well as the UK.  On top of all the extra-curricular activities on offer to graduates at Harvard, the Knox Fellows have their own budget for social events.

Who is eligible?
Men and women who are British citizens at the time of application, normally resident in the UK, who

(1) are studying for a first or higher degree and will graduate in the academic year 2013-14; OR
(2) are a UK-registered PhD student hoping for an additional year as a Visiting Fellow at Harvard; OR
(3) have completed a first or higher degree and graduated most recently no earlier than 2009.

Please note that persons who graduated most recently before 2009 will not be eligible to apply.
No application will be considered from any student already in the United States and Postdoctoral support is not awarded.

You may apply for degree or non-degree/Special Student options. Preference will be given to degree candidates.

Marriage is not a bar to an award but extra funding is not provided.

How do I apply?
Knox Fellowships are not linked to particular graduate schools and programmes so, in the same application season as applying for a Fellowship, applicants should also file an admissions application directly with the school of their choice, ensuring they meet all deadlines and eligibility criteria. Fellowship applications are made online please , and, in addition to an education summary, require a 1,000 word personal statement and the professional email of two referees who will be contacted automatically once a completed application has been submitted. For the full Information for Applicants, please click here.

Awards made at interview in January are provisional, pending the offer of university admission in the Spring.

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