USA: Post Doctoral Research Position in Viral and Rickettsial Diseases by NIH

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Job Description:
The position is a postdoctoral position in the Viral and Rickettsial Diseases Department, Infectious Diseases Directorate, Navel Medical Research Center (NMRC), Silver Spring, Maryland.

The incumbent is responsible for planning and executing projects lead by Principal investigator in the areas of development of diagnostic assays and vaccine candidates, investigation of mechanisms by which rickettsial pathogens infect host, examination of interaction between host and pathogen and infection-induced host cell defense regulation. The incumbent shall apply all state-of-art techniques in molecular biology, cell biology, immunology and Omics to currently funded projects. In addition, the incumbent is expected to develop new research projects compliment overall program mission and expand the horizon of the program by introducing innovative and novel ideas. The incumbent shall work closely with project leader and other scientists in the department, inside or outside of NMRC who are experienced in the similar research area. The incumbent is also expected to attend seminars and symposia in the field of protein biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, diagnosis and rickettsiology.

1. Designs experiments and performs laboratory procedures to achieve specific aims as described in the funded projects.

2. Communicates with project leader and discusses with other scientists about the progress of the project. The incumbent also needs to share results with other scientists in the laboratory on collaborative projects.

3. Records detailed observations about experiments. Keeps good record of experimental data, and provides data analysis, explanations and alternatives in a timely manner. The incumbent may need to provide crucial experimental information upon request by the project leader.

4. Writes technical reports, summaries, protocols, and manuscripts. He/she may need to review such documents for other members of the research group.

5. Presents results in laboratory meetings, departmental meetings, national conferences or international conferences.

6. Keeps abreast with the current advancement in recombinant DNA technology, production of recombinant antigens, diagnostics, and mechanisms of immunological responses.

Job Specifications:

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Knowledge of standard laboratory techniques; ability to develop new assays; good oral and written communication and analytical skills.

Minimum Education/Training Requirements: Ph.D. degree in biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology or immunology.

Minimum Experience: Individuals who have no more than 5 years post doctoral experience working in a molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology or immunology laboratory and have demonstrated ability to work independently on projects but also works as a team member for other collaborative projects are encouraged to apply. Previous experiences with molecular biology techniques, such as real-time PCR, PCR, cloning, plasmid DNA purification, protein expression, purification, and characterization, various immunological techniques, and tissue culture are must. Prior experience in developing sensitive immuno detection and nucleic acid detection method is preferred. Candidates with understanding of the biology of rickettsial agents, the ability to purify rickettsial organisms grown in tissue culture and egg yolk and work with rodents are a plus.

Physical Capabilities: long periods of standing and sitting; handling various chemicals

Work Environment: laboratory environment

Any qualifications to be considered as equivalents, in lieu of stated minimums, require the prior approval of the Director of Human Resources.

To Apply:
Please go to the job listing at:

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