Italy: PhD Scholarships The University of Camerino ( Multi-Disciplinary)

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PhD Scholarships in Italy in Chemical ,Pharmaceutical Sciences,Biotechnology,Legal and Social Sciences,Life and Health Sciences,Sciences and Technology
The University of Camerino School of Advanced Studies (SAS) is opening a call for participation in doctoral courses (29th cycle), open to both EU and non-EU citizens, in
the areas of scientific research, organized into different curricula as listed below:
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biotechnology
Legal and Social Sciences
Life and Health Sciences
Sciences and Technology

a) Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biotechnology:
1) Chemical Sciences;
2) Pharmaceutical Sciences;
b) Legal and Social Sciences:
1) Civil Law and Constitutional Legality;
2) Fundamental Rights in the Global Society;
3) Work and Legality;
c) Life and Health Sciences:
1) Molecular and cellular biotechnology;
2) One health (in line with the international initiative dedicated to improving the
lives of all species through the integration of studies on human health, veterinary
medicine with possible development of drugs, and environmental science);
3) Ecosystems and biodiversity management;
d) Sciences and Technology:
1) Mathematical methodologies for fundamental research;
2) Mathematical methods for industrial and economic applications;
3) Theoretical and computational physics
4) Experimental and applied physics

Here is the link to the Call:

The course lasts three years (from 31st January 2014 to 30th January 2017) with a final thesis to be written in English. 48 merit-based doctoral positions (at least 24 with scholarship, and the remaining without scholarship) will be awarded. Candidates without a scholarship are requested to communicate if they are eligible to obtain financial support from either private or public organizations.

The selection is also open to candidates who do not already possess the required degree, provided that conferral takes place by October 31, 2013. There is some relaxation in it too. For the award of a scholarship, candidates must have obtained a degree that is valid for admission to the doctoral programme no more than six years prior to the expiring date of this call. The time limit is eight years for those who had attended a post-graduate course, and may be extended for another year for every pregnancy.
The gross amount of the scholarships is 1,137 Euros (one thousand one hundred and thirty seven) per month, or higher in accordance with relevant legislation. For authorized stays abroad this sum is increased by 50%.
Foreign PhD students, especially non EU citizens, can spend the mobility period also in Italy, preferably in internationally renowned Universities or research institutions. Each Doctoral students has an entitlement of a budget to perform his/her research activities in Italy or abroad, according to the kind of course and in any case non less than the 10% of the amount of a scholarship. This rule will becoming effective for each Doctoral student in the second year of the course.

Apply Online:
Candidates must fill out the online application form available at the website by September 9, 2013 on pain of exclusion from the admission/selection procedure.
Recommendation letters/references from the professors must reach to the university by 16th September 2013.

Note: The topics for each area of doctoral studies are listed on the website http// under the link “research topicsâ€. The choice of the research topics is not mandatory, as far as the candidate is admitted.

The last date to apply is September 9, 2013

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