USA:Postdoctoral Research Position at the University of Minnesota Duluth ( Multi-disciplinary )

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 The Simulation and Interaction in Virtual Environments (SIVE) Lab at the University of Minnesota Duluth is seeking a postdoctoral researcher to join our team of computer scientists, boundary layer meteorologists, atmospheric scientists, engineers, and urban planners on the GEnUSiS Project. GEnUSiS stands for Green Environmental Urban Simulations for Sustainability. The project focuses on understanding the complex relationships between urban form, including green
infrastructure, and the environment. In particular, we are developing simulation, visualization, and interactive tools aimed at generating  knowledge for how to minimize energy, mitigate pollution, and improve  the urban microclimate. The project is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative project between researchers at the University of Utah’s Mechanical Engineering Department and the University of Minnesota Duluth’s Computer Science Department. The project is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Preferred candidates:

Ideal candidates will have experience that demonstrates high-quality independent research and potential for teaching. Candidates with demonstrated experience in one or more of the following areas are of particular interest to the GEnUSiS group:
– scientific computing with focus on atmospheric sciences or boundary
layer meteorology
– simulation and interaction in virtual environments
– GPU programming
– scientific visualization with focus on real-time, immersive
To be qualified for the position, the candidate must have a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science or a related discipline. Candidates should also be highly capable with the following skills:
– Solid experience programming with C++
– Experience with GPU programming, using CUDA and/or OpenCL
– Interest or experience in real-time interaction and simulation in
virtual environments

Funding and duration:
The postdoctoral position is funded by the 3M William L. McKnight Foundation and includes a professional training component that requires the postdoctoral researcher teach one class during the appointment.
Initial appointment will be for one year with the possibility ofrenewal for subsequent years.

Applicants can apply online at:

For more information about the postdoctoral postiion, please contact
Pete Willemsen <>.
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of Minnesota Duluth
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