Switzerland: PhD POSITION in Computer Science

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Research areas:
Audio/video segmentation and clustering, speaker recognition, face recognition, pattern recognition, machine learning, audio and image processing.

The objective of the thesis is to investigate novel algorithms for the automatic segmentation and clustering of people in audio-visual documents. More precisely, the goal is to detect the people who appear in the documents, when they appear or/and when they speak, with whom they speak, and who they are. The work will rely on and improve previous knowledge of the LIUM and IDIAP in speaker diarization, names recognition from automatic speech transcripts, person detection, tracking and recognition, and will be expanded to address the audio-visual identity association and the recognition of the roles of people in the Tv shows. The work will be evaluated in the framework of the REPERE evaluation campaign, which is a challenge for audio and video person detection and recognition in TV broadcasts (journal debates, sitcoms) and will focus on segmentation and clustering targeting well-known people (anchors, journalists, known or introduced persons).

Supervision and organization:
The proposed position is funded by the ANR in the SODA project. It is a joint PhD position within both IDIAP and LIUM, under academic co-supervision by Profs. Paul Deléglise (LIUM), Jean-Marc Odobez (IDIAP) and Sylvain Meignier (LIUM). He will work closely with a post-doctoral fellow working for the same project.

The candidate will be registered as a student at the University of Le Mans. He will share this time between Le Mans and Martigny depending on the need. The position will start in October 2010 and the net salary will be between €1700 a month. 18 months of indemnity (€500 per month) will be provided to support the extra cost of working at two different sites, as well as the higher cost of life in Martigny.

Applicants should hold a strong university degree entitling them to start a doctorate (Master’s degree or equivalent) in a relevant discipline (Computer Science, Human Language Technology, Machine Learning, etc).

Applicants for this full-time 3 year PhD position should be fluent in English or in French. Competence in French is optional, though applicants will be encouraged to acquire this skill during training.

Very strong software skills are required, especially in Java, C, C++, Unix/Linux, and at least one scripting language such as Perl or Python.

Please send a curriculum vitae to Jean-Marc Odobez odobez@idiap.ch AND sylvain.meignier@lium.univ-lemans.fr

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