France: PhD Positions in Brain and Music in the European Initial Training Network EBRASMUS

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4 PhD positions “Brain & Music” in the European Initial Training Network EBRAMUS

EBRAMUS (Europe BRAin and MUSic) is a consortium of European research centres to study new perspectives for stimulating cognitive and sensory processes using music. EBRAMUS offers a unique, interdisciplinary training program to study the behavioural, functional and structural effects of music on rehabilitation, learning, and facilitation of cognitive processes. Its goal is to train PhD students in behavioural and neuroscience (EEG, fMRI, etc.) methods applied to the investigation of the use of music in boosting language processing, learning, memory as well as motor behaviour.

Four 3-year PhD scholarships are available with projects within EBRAMUS:
-CIM: gesture-based audio stimulation in cochlear implant users.
(Marc Leman, Belgium, marc.leman[ at ]
-Boosting language processing and implicit learning with temporal structures.
(Barbara Tillmann, France, btillmann[ at ]
-Does music stimulation boost cognitive abilities in deaf children and/or Alzheimer patients?
(Emmanuel Bigand, France, emmanuel.bigand[ at ]
-Brain imaging and neuropsychology in patients with memory disorders
(Séverine Samson, France, severine.samson[ at ]
As a member of the EBRAMUS project, the PhD will be:
-working in collaboration with the other centres of the network based in Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, and Poland.
-participating, together with the 9 other PhD students of the network (1 per team), at 3 workshops and 2 summerschools organized by the EBRAMUS consortium.
– including mobility to at least one other research site up to 6 months.
Candidates should not have lived more than 11 months over the last 3 years in the country in which they will be recruited.

For details on project, application and eligibility criteria:
For further information, contact EBRAMUS at: EBRAMUS[ at ]

Applications should be submitted to: EBRAMUS[ at ] and to each advisor (see website).
NOTE: Applications will be evaluated as they come in, and the position will be open until filled (or at the latest for August 30, 2010).

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