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Information on applying for the 4 year PhD programmes. PLEASE NOTE: The Genomic Medicine and Statistics Programme is the only Wellcome Trust 4 year programme currently accepting applications for 2010 entry.

Admissions process – Overview

Home/EU & Overseas candidates are eligible to apply.
Up to five students per programme will be accepted each year.
Candidates are advised to apply to no more than two programmes.
If a Programme Director feels that an applicant would be better suited to another programme, the applicant will be contacted and asked whether they would like to be considered for entry to the other programme.
Please note there is a separate application fee of £25 for each application made.
Applicants should have, or expect to receive, at least an Upper 2nd Class degree or an international equivalent in a relevant subject. If you are international student, to work out the equivalency of your degree to to the UK system you can contact the National Academic Recognition Information Centre (UK NARIC) for further information. Please refer to individual programme details for guidance on any prerequisite knowledge.
Supplementary information on the admissions process may be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page.
Please click here to visit the University of Oxford Graduate application pages, including the online application form.

How to apply

Applications for the Genomic Medicine and Statistics Programme must be received by 14th May 2010. Please click here to visit the University of Oxford Graduate application pages, including the online application form.
Candidates are encouraged to use the online application process. If candidates are unable to submit an online application they should contact us well before the deadline, by email to
If submitting a paper application ensure that you use the following address:
Wellcome Trust 4-Year Doctoral Programmes (Medical Sciences), The Graduate Admissions Office, PO Box 738, University of Oxford, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 9FB, United Kingdom.
When completing the application form, please note the following:
1. Programme of Study
Programme/Course Codes:

003930 – DPhil in Genomic Medicine & Statistics
Please note that, at the University of Oxford, a PhD is also known as a ‘DPhil’.
2. Proposed field, title of research project and supervisor details.
Please just enter the name of the doctoral programme to which you are applying. There is no need to enter a proposed field or research project title. There is also no need to add a supervisor name into the ‘Proposed Supervisor Name(s)’ field.
3. College Choice
Please click here for information on which colleges are accepting applicants on each programme.
4. Department or Faculty
Please enter ‘Medical Sciences Doctoral Training Centre’ (on paper applications only).
5. Language Skills
Applicants whose first language is not English must provide a certificate of proficiency in the English language at the higher level requirement from the University. Applicants achieving the standard level may be accepted, however they will be required to obtain the higher level by the end of their seventh term of study at the latest. The evidence must be in the form of an original certificate that is not more than two years old and issued by the responsible body.  Further details of the acceptable test certificates and scores can be found here.
Please contact us to discuss the language requirements in your case, if your IELTS test is 7.0-7.5 or otherwise borderline.  Individual Programmes may exercise their discretion in the case of research students who have performed well at interview, but all candidates must reach the higher level at the time when they transfer to full PhD status, which typically occurs after two years of study.
6. Referees
Please use 14th May 2010 for the date by which references are required. It is your responsibility to ensure that the referees are willing and able to write a reference, and that these references are received by the 14th May. Using the online application form, applicants can request that referees receive an automated email requesting a reference. To enable this, applicants must also register referees by clicking on the ‘References’ option from the menu bar on the left of the application webpage.
7. Proposed Funding Arrangements:
Please insert ‘Wellcome Trust’ as the Funding Source, ‘Applied to’ for Funding Status, ‘£150,000’ (as an approximate total figure) as the Amount of Funding, ‘All Fees and Living Expenses’ as Expenses Covered and ‘4 years’ as Period Covered. Please leave the Departmental Studentship Applications section blank.
Every successful applicant is funded by the Wellcome Trust. Studentship stipends will be set by the Wellcome Trust and will cover University and College fees at the Home/EU rate plus a stipend of not less than £18,500 p.a. (tax free) for the four years of study. The studentships also include travel and training allowances.
Overseas applicants should note that the Overseas University fee for these programmes in 2010-11 is £14,000, whilst the University fee for Home/EU students is £3,500. Overseas students will need to secure funding to cover the difference between these two fee rates and are advised to apply for scholarships for which they are eligible by ticking the relevant boxes. Please see the University of Oxford Funding Search for further information on funding opportunities. In case of uncertainty, please visit the UKCISA website to ascertain whether you will be classified as ‘overseas’ for fees purposes.
8. Supporting Materials
Please submit a personal statement, CV and transcripts for your University level education. Your personal statement should be a maximum of one page and should indicate why you are interested in the programme to which you are applying. There is no need to write a research proposal  – please submit a personal statement instead.
The CV should include your final year school results (A-level, Baccalaureate or equivalent). Your transcripts should be for your current and previous University courses. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to return to you paper copies of your original transcripts.
Applicants are advised to read details for individual programmes thoroughly before completing their application form.
9. Interviews
If shortlisted, candidates will be interviewed in Oxford. Interviews are likely to take place at the end of May/early June 2010. Please note that candidates are usually expected to travel to Oxford for interview, although in some exceptional circumstances it may be possible to conduct interviews by video conference.
Application Fee
Please note there is an application fee of £25. The fee is non-refundable and payable whether your application is ultimately successful or not. We cannot process your application unless we receive payment in full at the same time. We accept the following methods of payment:

Online applications:
– Credit card – VISA/MasterCard only [If you do not have a credit card, some organisations such as banks offer a credit card voucher which can be used online]

Paper applications:
– Sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank, payable to University of Oxford
– Sterling international banker’s draft, payable to University of Oxford
We cannot accept payment by postal order, electronic bank transfer or Western Union money transfer.

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