Switzerland: PhD Student Position in Molecular Biology

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Our laboratory focuses on understanding the inflammatory signaling pathways (e.g. cytokines and chemokines) and cellular mechanisms responsible for the induction and maintenance of chronic inflammation, finally leading to tissue destruction and cancer (e.g. chronic hepatitis induced liver cancer).
Our analyses include work with human tissue as well as the generation and analysis of mouse models mimicking patho-physiological processes seen in human patients.
The successful applicant should speak fluent English and German and should be familiar with most of the standard procedures in Molecular Biology (PCR; RT-PCR; Western-; Northern and Southern-blot; FACS-analysis etc.).
We are looking for a Ph.D. candidate who is motivated, hard working, a team player, open for new challenges, and not too shy to ask obvious questions.
We provide a team of motivated young scientists, demanding but intensive supervision, a multi-cultural environment of leading scientists in their field within the institute.

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The Ph.D. position is for the duration of a minimum of 3 years.
In case you are interested please contact:
PD Dr. Mag. Mathias Heikenwälder,

Prof. Max-Cloëtta

Molecular Biologist, Immunologist

University Hospital Zürich (USZ)

Department Pathology
Institute for Neuropathology

 Schmelzbergstrasse 12
8091 Zürich 
Tel:   0041-44-255 21 06

Fax:   0041-44-255 44 02

Secretary:  0041-44-255 21 07


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