Sweden: PHD position in Physics

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Our research at the Physical Electronics Laboratory is focused on new materials, devices and circuits for applications in microwave systems including (but not limited) mobile phones. We fabricate novel devices and evaluate these in various circuit demonstrators. Our laboratory has developed agile microwave components and circuits in a number of national (Swedish) and European Commission supported projects partly in collaboration with Ericsson AB and other European companies.Job description
The project focuses on development of tunable microwave devices using smart functional materials and their applications in agile microwave circuits. Novel Film Bulk Acoustic wave Resonators (TFBAR) will be developed for applications in information and communications systems based on microwave (wireless) technologies. The tunable TFBARs are essentially new (patented) components based on electric field induced piezoelectric effect in paraelectric phase ferroelectrics. They allow development of radically new components, such as frequency selective switches (patented) and filters useful, for example, in mobile handsets. The tunable TFBARs allow drastic reduction of the size, power consumption and phase noise in one of the key microwave circuits – voltage controlled oscillators (VCO). The proposed novel components may be used also in a wide range of systems based on microwave technology such as sensors, wireless sensor systems, RF identification tags, radars (automotive, defense, space) etc.The work will include experimental study of the tuneable electro-acoustic properties of ferroelectric films at microwave frequencies, modelling of tuneable FBARs based on ferroelectric films, design/simulation and experimental characterisation of the microwave circuits (tuneable filters, VCOs, etc.)
You will collaborate with other research staff members and PhD students from different disciplines. The devices will be fabricated at Chalmers nanofabrication laboratory.
The project is supported by Swedish research Council (Vetenskaprådet).
Required qualifications
MS degree in electrical engineering or/and applied physics, knowledge/experience in circuit/microwave theory/design/simulation/measurements.
We believe you are interested in applied science, creative and curious in a future career as a researcher. You find problem solving stimulating and like challenges. You are driven by curiosity, goal-oriented, and enjoy working in a team. We also believe you have good communication skills, good analytical and experimental skills and good ability to work independently towards the goals expressed in the project plans.

We are encouraging women to apply for this position.
Application procedure
The application shall be written in English and include the following items:
1.    An application of a maximum of one A4 page containing your specific qualifications for the position
2.    Attested copies of education certificates, including grade reports and other documents
3.    Curriculum Vitae
4.    Letters of recommendation and name of reference persons (optional)
The application shall be sent electronically as pdf or zipped documents.
If any material is not available electronically or cannot be transferred to pdf format, the material can be sent as a hard copy to Registrar. The applicants name and the reference number (REF 2010/86) must be written on the first page of the application.
Chalmers University of Technology
SE-412 96 Göteborg

Spartak Gevorgian
Microtechnology and Nanoscience -MC2
Tel.: +46 31-7721727, +46 31 747 3294
email: spartak.gevorgian@ chalmers.se

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