France: Postdoc position in Robotics

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his postdoc topic concerns the perception of natural environment by heterogeneous robots (unmanned aerial and ground vehicles). The postdoctoral researcher will participate to the ROSACE project funded by the RTRA STAE (in french, Fondation de coopération scientifique, Sciences et Technologies pour l’Aéronautique et l’Espace) : ROSACE studies how a set of mobile autonomous communicating and cooperating robots could be deployed with well-established properties particularly in terms of self-adaptation in a dynamic environment. Concerning robotics, the objective consists in studying and developing distributed robotics functions to be integrated on aerial and terrestrial robots.

ROSACE partners have defined a common scenario about rescue robotics, on which every research team must propose functions, multi-robot strategies and, when possible, experiments either in simulation or with true robots.

This postdoc topics is focused on mapping from several heterogeneous robots, using a priori information on a large area to be explored. The postdoc will be integrated in the Robotics and AI department of LAAS-CNRS in Toulouse (, but will have to cooperate with the DCSD department at ONERA also in Toulouse.

Some keywords only to give a general context : environment modelling, 3D heterogeneous representations (DEM, landmarks, specific objects to be identified like roads, rivers. buildings, fire╜), SLAM, multiple and heterogeneous maps, large environment, vision, multi-robots cooperation, network connectivity╜

A recent PhD is required. Applicants should possess knowledge and experience in SLAM, 3D vision, data association, estimation╜ Appointment will be initially for a 12 months duration, eventually extended for other months. The position is available now : the postdoc may start as soon as possible.

Letters of application, a C.V. with complete list of publications, a short statement of research interests and the name of two referees should be sent by e-mail to Michel Devy:

Michel Devy
Phone: +33 561 336 331

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