Austria: Vienna PhD School of Informatics 2010/2011

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The Vienna PhD School of Informatics is an international PhD School, funded by the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna), the City of Vienna and private sponsors. PhD students for this full-time programme are recruited world-wide, all courses are held in English.

The call for applications for the study year 2010/11 is now open.

The PhD School is located at TU Vienna and admits Austrian as well as international students annually. TU Vienna invites applications for a maximum of 15 PhD scholarships per year. The first study year of the PhD School started in October 2009. No tuition fees have to be paid by these holders of scholarships.

Call for applications 2010/11

The call for applications for the study year 2010/11 opens on February 1st 2010.

Application deadline: 7th May 2010

Interviews: 4th June – 14th June 2010

Notification of Acceptance: 16th June 2010

Start Programme: 11th October 2010


The Vienna PhD School of Informatics involves an intense period of supervised study and research, culminating in the submission of a thesis. The duration of the PhD School is three years. The degree is awarded to candidates who, through original investigation, make a distinct and significant contribution to knowledge in their field of specialisation.

The PhD-School’s curriculum covers the main research areas of the Faculty of Informatics. In addition, it may also imply cooperation with other TU Vienna faculties. The school is designed to facilitate the integration of industry, either by defining joint research issues, by offering workplaces (with well-defined research related tasks) during summer breaks, or by sponsoring.

TU Vienna aims at positioning this PhD School of Informatics at a high level of excellence within the international community. The vision is to increase both the quality and the quantity of excellent young researchers in the field of informatics.

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