Sweden: 5 PostDoc positions (Robotics and related areas)

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The Centre for Autonomous Systems at the School of Computer Science and Communication (CSC) at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden announces 5 postdoctoral positions in the area of Robotics and Computer Vision.


The positions are announced in the field of:

* Machine learning
* Sensor guided object manipulation
* Spatial modeling, navigation and SLAM
* Fault diagnosis
* Multi-agent systems

The Centre for Autonomous Systems (CAS) is an inter-departmental research centre at the KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, established in 1996.The main research area are robotic systems as assistants to people for everyday tasks in everyday environments. To facilitate such research the centre has integrated research across control engineering, systems modeling, perception, artificial intelligence and mechanical design. CAS has been very active in the research community efforts as being the coordinator of the European Robotics Network for several years. CAS is currently involved in several EU projects: PACO-PLUS, GRASP, CogX, as well as several national projects and networks.

KTH is the largest technical university in Sweden. Education and research cover a broad spectrum within natural sciences and engineering, as well as architecture, industrial engineering and management, urban planning, work science and environmental engineering. There are circa 13,300 full-year undergraduate students, 1,500 postgraduate students and 3,900 employees.


Queries concerning the project content can be directed to:
Danica Kragic email: dani@kth.se

Danica Kragic
Professor, Director of the Centre for Autonomous systems
CAS-CVAP-KTH                          Phone: +46 (0)8 790 6729
SE-100 44 Stockholm, SWEDEN           Fax:   +46 (0)8 723 0302
WWW: http://www.csc.kth.se/~danik     Email:dani@kth.se

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