UEA: Masdar Institute (UAE) and MIT (USA) PhD Scholarships in Advances Energy and Sustainable Technologies

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MASDAR Institute in Abu Dhabi Announces Full Scholarships for Graduate Study
The Masdar Institute is a private, not-for-profit, independent, research-driven institute developed with the support and cooperation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(MIT). The Institute offers Masters and PhD programs in science and engineering disciplines, with a focus on advanced energy and sustainable technologies. Its faculty is of the highest quality and the intent is to have the structure of its top administration similar to MIT`s.

The Institute is located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Ph.D. students will have the chance to spend up to 1 year at MIT in Cambridge, MA, and will have a joint thesis
committee consisting of Masdar Institute and MIT professors.

The Masdar Institute is in the process of establishing a substantial research activity in AI, Machine Learning, Multi-Agent Systems, Cognitive Science, and their applications to energy systems (e.g. smart grids, intelligent transportation systems, human behavior modeling).

For more details consult:

* http://www.mit. edu/~jcrandal/
* http://homepages. inf.ed.ac. uk/irahwan/

Details about the application procedure can be found here (deadline 30 April 2010):
http://www.masdar. ac.ae/Menu/ Index.aspx? MenuID=7& CatID=150&mnu=Cat

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