Germany: PhD position at Deutsche Telekom Labs (VOIP)

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Our goal is to carry out research in the area of services based on Voice
over IP and the perceived quality it is related with. Here, aspects at
signal-, network- and perception-level will be considered. The research
will be conducted with the aim of developing quality prediction models
and measurement approaches for VoIP service monitoring.

Selected goals
* Investigate the role of temporal aspects in the context of IP-based
transmission, considering the relevant time-scales at packet-, speech,
and perception-level.
* Investigate the impact of the transmitted signal form on the perceived
speech quality.
* Investigate the quality related with new telephone services with
extended bandwidth (wideband, 50-7000 Hz, superwideband, 50-14000 Hz).
* Research on models for speech quality prediction and tools for
monitoring IP-based speech services.

The successful candidate holds a diploma or master’s degree in
Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Communication Sciences, or a
comparable field. For this position, genuine interest in and knowledge
of telecommunications, the willingness to work in an international and
interdisciplinary team, and the capability of independent work are a
must. Solid knowledge of acoustics or speech technology, and interest in
auditory perception, as well as knowledge of the English language are
required, prior knowledge of auditory or speech perception and knowledge
of MATLAB and C(++) are a definite plus.

Deutsche Telekom Laboratories (T-Labs) is a joint scientific research
institute of Deutsche Telekom AG and Berlin Institute of Technology (TU
Berlin). We carry out pioneering research into innovative information
and telecommunication technologies, in particular addressing human
perception and interaction, networking and security issues. The
Laboratories are located on the campus of Berlin University of
Technology, with the goal of promoting the interaction between science
and business through physical proximity.

The Assessment of IP-based Applications Lab of Deutsche Telekom
Laboratories (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Raake) is a newly founded
research group, which carries out research on IP-based multimedia
applications and user perception. The work will be conducted in exchange
with other researchers working, for example, on parametric IPTV- and
video-telephony quality models, multimedia transmission, audio-rendering
and speech quality assessment, together with the Quality and Usability
Lab of Deutsche Telekom Laboratories (


How to apply
Applications including a CV, a motivation letter, copies of the most
important certificates, and indication of 2 references should be sent,
as soon as possible, to these two addresses:
Alexander Raake  (alexander.raake (a), AND
TU Berlin seeks to increase the percentage of female employees and
particularly encourages female candidates to apply. In case of equal
qualifications, female candidates will be preferred.
Handicapped candidates will be preferred in case of equal


Thanks for your consideration and kind regards


Alexander Raake
Assessment of IP-based Applications
Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
TU Berlin
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7
10587 Berlin

Fon: +49-30-8353-58462
Fax: +49-30-8353-58409

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