UK: SICSA prize Phd studentships in Computer Science

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SICSA offers up to 20 prize studentships per year to the very best students from anywhere in the world. Our aim is to attract the research leaders of the future, whatever their nationality or place of residence, to come and work with us in Scotland.

Each SICSA student will spend 3 to 4 years as part of a programme coordinated across the partners. These students will catalyze new collaborations across the research community, and lead the next generation of excellent computing researchers.

In 2010, we will be offering up to 20 SICSA prize studentships, across Scotland. We are looking for outstanding applicants in any area of computer science and informatics. We are particularly interested in applications from students who want to work in one of the SICSA research themes.

SICSA prize studentships are funded jointly by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) and the university where the studentship is held. They are worth around £18,000 per year for 3.5 years. This includes support for living expenses of around £13,000, research expenses and postgraduate fees at the level charged to students who are UK/EU residents.

Additional support may be available to students who are not UK/EU residents and who would normally be required to pay the full postgraduate fee. The level of this support, however, depends on individual universities and cannot be guaranteed.

SICSA is committed to Scottish research collaboration, including excellent researchers in smaller groups as well as those in larger units. Studentships are therefore available at all Scottish Universities
that are members of SICSA.

To reinforce the collaborative nature of SICSA, each studentship will involve cross-site supervision. Formally, however, each student would be registered in the traditional manner, at a single degree-awarding institution.

Applying for a SICSA prize studentship
The Scottish Graduate Academy offers prize studentships to excellent candidates from across the world. There is no residence qualification and candidates from any country may apply.

We are willing to consider applicants in any area of computer science and informatics but may give preference to students who are working in SICSA theme areas:

* Next-generation Internet
* Multi-modal interaction
* Modelling and abstraction
* Complex systems engineering

Some universities would like to recruit students for specific projects and information about these projects is available here. However, your application does not have to be related to any of these projects and you may make a research proposal in any area of work.

Students must have or must expect to be awarded a 1st class honours degree, an MSc with Distinction or equivalent GPA scores. We will normally reject your application if you have not achieved this level of qualification.

How to apply
Applications for 2010 studentships should be made on-line using the On-line Application System. You must register with our application system before submitting an application. Please read the instructions below BEFORE filling in the form and make sure that you have all the information that we need.

You may list up to three Scottish universities that you would like to consider your application. You must submit an application to your preferred (1st choice) University, using their application procedures, and your SICSA prize studentship application will not be considered until you have done this. You do not need to submit an application to your 2nd or 3rd choices universities – we will contact you if necessary about these.

Your SICSA prize studentship application MUST include:

* details of your undergraduate
qualifications (and MSc qualifications if you have them)
* your preferred SICSA Institution/s.
* a copy of the transcript of your marks, which you must upload as an attachment
* a research proposal, which you must upload as an attachment

You may include details of any industrial experience you have which is relevant to your application and your SICSA research proposal and you may upload a list of publications (if you have had any of your work published.

You will not be asked to upload copies of your references, nor submit details of your referees. If a university wishes to nominate you for a SICSA studentship, they will forward the references they have received as part of your application to the Graduate Academy Board.

To be considered in March 2010, applications must be received by the deadline of 28th February 2010. Remember, you have to fill in both a university application form and a SICSA prize studentship application form.

Tentative Application Deadline : 28 February 2010


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