Greek: Marie Curie Fellowships for the Smart Management for the Human Environment

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Athens Information Technology (AIT) invites applications for postgraduate researchers to work in the Broadband Wireless and Sensor networks (B-WiSE) research group, in the field of wireless sensor networks. The positions are granted by AIT and the European Commission, under the FP7-PEOPLE-ITN project SMARTEN, on Smart Management for Sustainable Human Environment, and are expected to lead to a PhD at the end of the 4-year project time-frame.

The SMARTEN project aims to educate and train the next generation of researchers, engineers, research managers and directors in the field of Smart Management for Sustainable Human Environment, using Wireless Sensor Network technologies. It involves some of the key European research organisations in the fields of Infrastructure Reliability and Management, Sensor Technology and Communications.

AIT’s “Broadband Wireless & Sensor Networks” (B-WiSE) group is involved as a European level expert institution in the fields of wireless sensor communications, networking and distributed signal processing. The involved research team consists of professors and senior researchers with many years of industrial experience in the development of high performance ICs for communication systems and networks and a solid research background in a diverse number of fields ranging from multimedia signal processing to information theory and statistical communications.

AIT, a Greek leading Center of Excellence for Research and Education focusing in the areas of Telecommunications and Information Technology, is a not-for-profit educational organization founded in 2002.

Research topics relevant to the applicants
Wireless Sensor Networks is a fast growing technology which can be widely used in a number of sectors associated with key aspects of the management of the human environment. There are significant opportunities presented in this area by the emerging technologies on wireless sensors and communications which can be exploited to develop dynamic and smart systems for strategic management. The project will integrate new generation wireless sensors and communications with proactive management methods and multi-disciplinary solutions for life cycle multi-objective optimization to develop integrated smart and dynamic systems for effective management of the Built and Natural Environment. In this context, AIT seeks for research scientists to fill the following positions:

(a) Sensor Technology and Signal Processing,
The position targets wireless sensor node and network design, implementation and deployment. Inter-disciplinary research and transfer of knowledge is expected between different research areas, including signal processing, energy efficient RF and node design for adaptive data acquisition, analysis, communication. Researchers are also expected to investigate node technology compliance with distributed signal processing algorithms like distributed compression, aggregation and distributed coding schemes as a means of reducing communication overhead, and energy dissipation.

(b) Sensor Communications and Distributed Processing,
The position targets the field of communication and networking protocols for wireless sensor networks. The goal is to optimize the communication functionalities of wireless sensor networks in order to achieve distributed processing of sensed events, where the key competing goals are protocol complexity and energy efficiency. Areas, including multi-hop communications, cooperative relaying networks, energy efficient MAC and routing layer design, secure and trusted communications, virtual MIMO systems, cooperative transmission and beamforming systems, smart antenna systems for sensor networks, cross-layer optimization algorithms, will be investigated. The scientific approach is to investigate and focus on this fine line separating algorithmic complexity and overall system performance and sustainability.

Responsibilities for these positions include conducting research in the above fields leading to publications in top international academic journals and conferences, and providing teaching support to various graduate courses related with the expertise of the successful candidate. Applicants must show evidence of research potential in their respective field, as well as collegial spirit.
The working language at AIT is English; therefore, fluency in English is a requirement.
Due to the project grant regulations, students having spent more than 12 months in Greece over the past 3 years are excluded.

Compensation includes:
(a) Competitive monthly salary,
(b) PhD tuition expenses,
(c) travel grants to attend conferences, in addition to travel related with project requirements.

The advertised positions will give the successful candidates the opportunity to work in a well established and active group and use the facilities of a state-of-the art environment, further develop their skills and experience, significantly enhancing their career.

Interested candidates may send a CV, contact information of three references and a letter describing their research interests to:
Dr. Antonis Kalis
Associate Professor
Broadband Wireless and Sensor networks research group
Athens Information Technology
19,5 Km, Markopoulo Ave., 19002, Peania, Attica
Tel: +30 210 6682774, Fax: +30 210 6682703,
e-mail: akal [at] ait [dot] edu [dot] gr

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