Saudi Arabia: Researchers in Renewable Energy, King Saud University

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King Saud University is establishing a Sustainable Energy Technology (SET) program: a modern facility for academic research in the field of Sustainable Energy. It is a multi?disciplinary program which involves the colleges of Engineering
(electrical, chemical and mechanical) and science (physics and chemistry). The program will initially focus on solar, wind, hydrogen and nuclear energy. The program will also include plans for regional and global academic and industrial collaboration so that the participants of the program can gain firsthand practical experience in the field of Sustainable Energy Technology. The program will be offering Master’s degrees in sustainable energy and nuclear technology.

The Program is seeking applications from MSc and PhD candidates to fill a number of vacant fulltime positions.

Above all, the qualified candidate will have an interest in, and ability to, undertake the wide range of research, analysis, data management, report writing and analytical tasks necessary to meet the evolving needs of the program, and will do so in a manner that preserves the high standards of the university’s research centers.

Responsibilities may include, but will not be limited to:

* Conducting interdisciplinary research and analysis regarding renewable and nuclear energy development activities in the region.
* Performing detailed research and both qualitative and quantitative analyses on a wide range of renewable energy related activities.
* Researching and writing reports about project?specific events in the renewable energy industry.
* Developing strong relationships with regional and global institutions (both industrial and academic) to increase the quality and efficiency of the research work.
* Working effectively both with colleagues and independently, as needed.
* Maintaining a current understanding of, and interpreting, regional energy policy initiatives and proposals.

The ideal candidate will have a minimum of three years experience in energy related fields. The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate comfort with performing analyses and discussing concepts related to renewable and nuclear energies.

Candidates must hold masters’ or PhD degree in energy?related studies.

Minimum Qualifications:

* A demonstrated interest in, and commitment to, renewable energy.
* Demonstrated performance as a team player.
* Strong attention to detail, and the ability to manage and track multiple research projects at the same time.
* Excellent verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
* Excellent written communication skills.
* Outstanding analytical and problem?solving skills.
* Ability to multitask and complete tasks efficiently.
* A motivated self?starter; must work productively and efficiently both in a team environment and individually under intermittent supervision.

Qualified applicants are encouraged to forward a resume via email to: ksu.setp[ at ], Subject Line: SET Researcher

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