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Toyohashi University of Technology offers a special programme conducted in English, which is open for overseas students seeking a degree in specific areas (Master’s Degree in the engineering fields).

* If you are interested in General master’s course (entrance in April), please click here [Japanese].?
* TUT reforms its departments of engineering in 2010. All new 5 departments are available for English Master’s course. Also, the schedule of admission is changed.

This programme starts from October 2010.

Admission Policy for Toyohashi University of Technology
Toyohashi University of Technology provides unique bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral courses in technology that are geared toward producing creative, practical-minded leaders in differing fields of technology, and the education received at our university also provides students with an appreciation of humanity, international perspectives and responsible coexistence with the environment. Our university is also at the forefront of conducting cutting-edge scientific research for the future.

The following suggests the type of student this university seeks to enrol:

* Those who have a respect for the environment and endeavour to contribute to local communities or to the world as a whole.
* Those who are ready to make significant achievements with a fundamental knowledge in technology or science at the university level.
* Those who take the initiative for their own education with the minds of being a pioneer in a new field of science or technology.

Number of students to be enrolled

* New five departments will be established in 2010.

Qualifications for application
This program is open to those candidates who have no legal limitation or hindrance to be admitted to the University under “Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act” of Japan, and also to those pertaining to any of the following items from (1) to (4), and correspond to (5) and (6).

* Those who have completed 16 years of school education and/or those who have prospects to graduate before this programme begins.
* Those who have been approved by the Japanese Minister of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology.
* Those who have been recognized by TUT Graduate School based on individual screening of qualifications as having equal academic abilities as a university graduate, and of an age not less than 22 before this programme begins.
* The countries where the education for completion of university is less than 16 years, after graduated from a university, conducting work as a research student or a researcher at a University inside or outside Japan, joint research Institute for National Universities or the corresponding research institution for reasonable period (more than 1 year) and the age is above 22 before this programme begins.
* Those who are healthy, both physically and mentally.
* Those who have English proficiency to keep up with the classes offered in this course.

Note: Those who pertaining to above items of (3) or (4) are required the procedures for the screening of qualifications before application. For the procedures method, please inquire at International Affairs Division of the university.
Application procedure
(1) Submission time:

* Those applying for Japanese Government Scholarship:
Due date: Monday, 1st February 2010
* Privately-financed foreign students and other scholarship programme:
First deadline: 1st February, 2010
Second deadline: From 1st June, 2010 to 18th June, 2010
*Those applicant who was not selected as one of the candidates for Japanese Government Scholarship Students but wishes to take this programme as a Privately-financed student does not need to submit the application again.

Application documents submitted to:
International Affairs Division
Toyohashi University of Technology
1-1 Hibarigaoka, Tempaku,
Toyohashi, 441-8580 JAPAN
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