France: Postdoctoral Position in Nanoparticles Chemistry

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The “Nanostructures and Organometallic Chemistry” group of the LPCNO (Laboratoire de Physique et Chimie des Nano-Objets, INSA, Toulouse) has developed methods for the synthesis of metal and semi-conducting nanoparticles in solution and under mild conditions from organometallic precursors. This project aims at developing core/shell quantum dots for photovoltaics. We are seeking postdoctoral candidate i) to synthesize semi-conducting nanocrystals via organometallic approaches (synthesis performed via decomposition of organometallic complexes in the presence of ligands) and ii) to characterize them using various techniques from materials chemistry (photoluminescence spectroscopy, electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, X-rays diffraction and scattering, EXAFS…) as well as spectroscopic methods used in molecular chemistry (infrared spectroscopy, solution or solid state NMR…).

Required skills:
A strong background in solution synthesis of nanoparticles (ph.D. in chemistry) using standard Schlenks techniques and glove box (air-sensitive chemistry) is required. An experience in fine structural characterization (electron microscopy and X-rays techniques) would be advantageous.
Strong motivation for research in a highly multidisciplinary environment is expected.

Notes to applicants:
French citizenship excluded
Application closed March 15^th
22 months post-doctoral position starting April 2010
Salary: around 2000 €/month (net).

For further information about the project and the position, as well as for application, send detailed curriculum vitae, with a motivation letter and with 2 recommendation letters to: fdelpech[ at ] (Tel : 00 (33) 5 61 55 96 50)

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