Italy: Postdoctoral Positions in Plant Science

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The Edmund Mach Foundation (FEM) has a Research and Innovation Centre that aims at playing an international leading role in the areas of PLANT SCIENCE and NUTRITION. It comprises state of the art facilities in plant genomics (recently completing the sequencing of the grape and apple genomes), MS-based metabolomics (including Orbitrap, Synapt HDMS, GC-TOF, several MS/MS spectrometers), natural product biotechnology (gene expression systems, protein biochemistry and enzymology) and
computational biology (multivariate statistics
, exploratory analysis).

The Centre has recruited several high calibre international level scientists and is now selecting post doc researchers to expand and consolidate its research programmes.

This current recruitment campaign focuses on the areas of:
1. Plant METABOLITE PROFILING (Mass Spectrometry, Biomarker Identification)
2. Plant BIOCHEMISTRY (Biosynthesis of secondary products, functional gene characterization)
3. Functional METABOLOMICS (fruit and wine consumption, human metabolism)
4. Metabolomics DATA ANALYSIS (data analysis pipeline for high-throughput metabolomics)

More information and calls available at:

Deadline for application: 21st February 2010

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