UK: Fully funded PhD Position at Universiy of Bristol

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PhD Position: Using optical devices to enhance user interactions on an
interactive surface

Closing date: June 1st, 2009.
Late applications received before June 10 may be considered.

In cooperation with Microsoft Research Cambridge, the Interaction and
Graphics group of the University of Bristol invites applications (from
India, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Brazil, Russia and the
developing world.) for an open PhD position that is supported by the
Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate award

About the Project
Today’s touch-screen technology potentially allows multiple users to
simultaneously interact with one another and with digital content by
using their whole hand to engage in the interaction but it’s limited
in the sense that all users have to share the same visible content.
However, most of today’s touch-based systems only support single views
for their interaction. In other words, these systems do not allow
multiple users to view information that is customized to their view on
the same interactive surfaces. There is limited systematic study of
combining multi-touch with multi-visibility. There have been a few
one-off point-designs (proof of concept systems to show that its
possible to build such systems) but no systematic investigation into
the benefits and limitations of combining multi-touch with
multi-visibility has been performed. Here we propose to systematically
investigate the design of interactive surfaces that use optical
devices (like lenticular lenses and polarizers) to support multi-touch
and multi-visibility.

The advertised position is offered through a special arrangement with
Microsoft Research and is part of the Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate
Awards (‘DHPA’) (
*    The position is open to students from India, China, Hong Kong, South
Africa, Brazil, Russia and the developing world.
*    The studentship includes a maintenance stipend and tuition fees at
international level.
*    The student will also get a laptop loaded with software applications
from Microsoft Corporation.

Ideal Candidate
The ideal candidate for this position will have a
– First degree in Computer Science or related discipline
– Experience in Human-Computer interaction
– Basic Hardware skills (multi-touch, 3D user interfaces)
– Basic knowledge of Physics (particularly optics)

How to apply
For further details about the position and on how to apply please

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