Cyprus: Master in Business Administration or Master in Public Sector Management

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The Republic of Cyprus is offering up to a total of five (5) full scholarships of 12-months duration to study for the attainment of the Master in Business Administration
(MBA) or Master in Public Sector Management (MPSM) title for the academic year 2009-2010.

Eligible candidates to apply for the scholarships to study at the CIIM MBA or MPSM programmes are citizens of Azerbaijan, Gambia, Sudan and Uzbekistan.

Applications received until: 30 June 2009

Application procedure
In order to submit an application for scholarship, the applicant must fill-in the CIIM application form. Along with the CIIM application each candidate must attain an official endorsement by her/his country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs completing the Endorsement Form (detailed instructions on the endorsement procedure are included in the document). The applicants may then submit their applications along with the endorsement form at a Competent Consular Authority of the Republic of Cyprus of their choice, not later than the deadline shown above.

In order to expedite the process, it is strongly recommended that the applicant forwards a copy of the stamped and endorsed application to CIIM, as soon as he/she attains the stamp and endorsement by the official government authority (as instructed
above). It is noted that ONLY stamped and endorsed applications by the applicant’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be considered for a scholarship award.

Important notes concerning the award of scholarships:

1. Candidates who have received a scholarship of either short or long duration by the Republic of Cyprus within the last two (2) years 2007 or 2008 are NOT eligible to apply for these scholarships.

2. Eligible candidates must be permanent residents of their country of citizenship.

3. All scholarships are offered officially by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus to other Governments on a bilateral basis as official technical assistance and not to individuals. Therefore, it is expected that with the end of the scholarship, the scholarship recipients will return to their country of
citizenship so that the recipient country is benefited to the highest possibl e degree by the transfer of know-how and not just the individual receiving the scholarship.

4. For the scholarship to be awarded it is necessary for the candidate to accept the Terms and Conditions of the scholarship.

For more details please contact Marios Siathas at or by tel. at +357 22462246

CIIM Application form

MBA prospectus
MPSM prospectus
Terms and Conditions

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