UK: East Asian Studies PhD/MA and Scholarships

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The White Rose East Asia Centre (WREAC) combines the research expertise of the more than 40 East Asian Studies staff members of the Universities of Sheffield and Leeds to provide better and broader education for its MA and PhD students. It aims to integrate its postgraduate teaching programmes and already has created some innovative and unique forms of teaching cooperation:

PhD Students
Joint Supervision
Every PhD Student studying China or Japan at a WREAC University is supervised by three faculty members, two from his home university and also one from the other university.

Joint Research Training
There are opportunities for general and specific research training by faculty members from the other university together with postgraduates students from both universities. Advanced language
research training modules are also offered regularly for students from
both WREAC universities. Moreover, at annual White Rose East Asia
Centre Away Days doctoral students are able to present their
research-in-progress to the large audience of WREAC East Asian Studies
staff and students.

Joint WREAC MA/PhD Scholarships
WREAC offers several scholarships every year in all Chinese and
Japanese Studies subjects. Candidates are able to use these
scholarships to split their academic training experience between both
WREAC universities by obtaining an MA and a PhD degree from a different institution while on the same scholarship.

MA Students
Joint WREAC MA Degrees
The Universities of Sheffield and Leeds are offering joint MA degrees for students with an advanced level of Japanese or Chinese language capability where students can take classes
at the other university. Current joint degrees on offer are: MA in
Advanced Japanese Studies (Sheffield-based) and MA in Advanced Chinese
Studies (Leeds-based).

Joint WREAC MA Scholarships
WREAC offers several scholarships, even for MA students in Chinese and Japanese Studies.

Please check out the details about studying at the WREAC
universities of Leeds and Sheffield through these websites and in case
you have questions about how to find PhD supervisors and about WREAC
scholarships please contact us at info@wreac.orgThis
e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript
enabled to view it . If you want to discuss your application for an MA
degree at one of the WREAC universities please contact the postgraduate
secretaries at the School of East Asian Studies ( at Sheffield University or the Department of East Asian Studies at Leeds.

  • Harald Fuess, WREAC Director of Postgraduate Studies, National Institute of Japanese Studies (Sheffield).
  • Heather Zhang,WREAC Deputy Director of Postgraduate Studies, National Institute of Chinese Studies (Leeds).

White Rose East Asia Centre (WREAC) scholarships and maintenance
grants (currently around £13500) for the academic year 2009-2010 will
be distributed to UK-resident applicants who submit their applications
by the deadline of 15 March 2009. Non-UK residents who want to receive a similar level of funding need to apply to Sheffield University by 1 February 2009.


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