Switzerland: PhD Positions in Distributed Algorithms

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The distributed computing group at the department of information technology and electrical engineering at ETH Zurich is looking for Research Assistants / Ph.D. Students in Distributed Algorithms.

The distributed computing group is a young research group. Currently we
are ten members. We are interested in a variety of hot topics in the
area of distributed computing, such as distributed algorithms,
peer-to-peer computing, wireless ad hoc or sensor networks, multi-core
systems, or social and mobile networks. In our group we try to apply
and unite the approaches and techniques of algorithmic theory and
systems implementation. Some members of our group focus on algorithms
and analysis, some on systems design and building. All of us work
together to build scalable, fault-tolerant, and efficient primitives
and applications for the distributed future of computing. Please visit
the group web site for more information.


We are looking for new members with a strong algorithmic background, and a Master’s degree
in e.g. Computer Science or Mathematics. A candidate should be
attracted by and proficient in areas such as approximation algorithms,
complexity theory, distributed algorithms, graph theory, online
computation, computational geometry, probabilistic algorithms,
combinatorics, or optimization. A new group member can choose and shape
a project according to his or her interests and talents within the
first months of employment. Successful candidates are expected to work
towards a doctoral degree, and participate in the teaching activities
of the group. To get a better understanding of these open positions,
please visit our web page, and have a look at our theoretical
publications, i.e. publications at conferences such as FOCS, PODC,

Additional information about the positions may be obtained on our website at www.disco.ethz.ch

Applications must include a CV and a proof of algorithmic interests,
e.g. a student thesis. The research group aims to increase the number
of women in scientific positions. Female candidates are therefore
encouraged to apply. The positions will remain open until suitable
candidates are found and the starting dates may be arranged
individually. We look forward to receiving your application.


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