Belgium: PhD Positions in Computer Science, University of Ghent

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IDEA: Intelligent, Distributed Environmental Assessment is a newly
granted project that will run for four years to come. The project will
greatly improve methodologies for measuring the quality of the local
living environment and support policy action taken on the basis of an
intelligent interpretation of results. The project will focus on
improving spatial measurement accuracy by using cheaper sensors (e.g.
for noise) suitably organised in a network, alternative measurement
methodology (e.g. mobile particulate matter measurement), combined
environmental agent interpretation based on the structure of the
underlying source mechanisms (e.g. traffic networks) and the physics of
propagation, etc. New methodologies for distributed processing of the
collected data will lead to more efficient use of computer resources.
Computational intelligence will be promoted to interpret the
observations made by this high performance network and support decision
making based on its measurement results.

To strengthen the IDEA team we are currently looking for 2 or 3 students
that are interested in starting a PhD (granted by Ghent University, in this area. They will work as part of the team of
approximately eight researchers involved in the realisation of IDEA and
will be fully paid (PhD grant) for four years. After four years of
intensive training by the team’s experts, the PhD graduate will be
ready for an academic carrier or take a high ranked job in
environmental protection, sensor network related business, or similar.


The project will benefit from a team of researchers having different
expertise and background. Applicants with a background in computer
science, electronic engineering,
environmental engineering, physics engineering, information sciences
and mathematics will be welcomed. The position is open to applicants of
any nationality with good knowledge of English
and/or Dutch. A strong interest in environmental protection, sensors,
distributed computing and sensor networks or computational intelligence
and natural computing is a plus.


Interested candidates should send their curriculum vitae and
motivation to: Prof. Dr. ir. Dick Botteldooren (dick.botteldooren[ at
], Prof. Dr. ir. Bert Dhoedt (bart.dhoedt[ at
] or Prof. Dr. ir. Abdellah Touhafi (abdellah.touhafi[
at ]

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