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The Netherlands Proteomics Centre (NPC; and the Netherlands Bioinformatics
Centre (NBIC; joined forces in proteomics research and
support. We have a position for a scientific programmer as part of the
proteomics programme that was defined by NPC and NBIC.

The scientific programmer will join the BioAssist e-bioscience
programme of NBIC that implements a distributed support platform (i.e.,
processing pipeline) for mass-spectrometry based proteomics. Several
groups/universities participate in the development of this proteomics

The scientific programmer extends and strengthens the proteomics
platform through the development of annotated web-services of existing
(statistical) tools for the analysis of proteomics data. These
web-services will be integrated with other services through the Taverna
workflow management system. In addition, we will develop approaches and
software to use the Dutch life sciences grid ( for
computer intensive (statistical) calculations.

This work combines the efforts of three UvA groups that work on
statistical methods for proteomics data analysis. The scientific
programmer will be embedded in the e-bioscience group of the
bioinformatics laboratory at the Academic Medical Center (AMC). Tasks
and priorities will be set together with other participants in the
proteomics platform. These methods will be used with different types of
proteomics data (e.g., LC-MS, SELDI) and are therefore expected to find
broad application within the Dutch proteomics community.


University Graduate
The candidate should meet the following requirements: experience with
working in a research environment; experience with the development of
web-services; experience with the development of Taverna workflows;
excellent software developer (Java, Java frameworks (J2E, JENA, AJAX));
experience or interest in distributed computing (GRID); experience or
interest in proteomics data analysis; good social skills to perform
optimally in a dynamic scientific team.

Additional information about the job:
The appointment will be on temporary basis for a maximum period of 3 years.


AMC Medical Research B.V.

Conditions of employment

Duration of the contract: 3 year
Maximum hours per week: 36

Additional conditions of employment:
The gross salary depends on education and experience

Additional Information

Or additional information can be obtained through one of the following links.

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You can apply for this job before 29-11-2008 by sending your application to:

AMC Medical Research BV
M.J. M.J. Scholtemeijer
Postbus 22660
1100 DD Amsterdam

E-mail address:
Prof.dr. Antoine H.C. van Kampen, Scientific Director, telefoon 020-5667096, e-mail:

When applying for this job always mention the vacancy number AT 081007.


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