Netherlands: PhD Position at Delft University of Technology: How to Communicate with Nano-devices

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The faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
(EEMCS) is known world wide for its high academic quality and social
relevance of its research programs. The faculty’s excellent facilities
accentuate its international position in teaching and research. The
faculty offers an interdisciplinary setting for its 500 employees, 350
PhD students and 1700 undergraduates. Together they work on a broad
range of technical innovations in the fields of sustainable energy,
telecommunications, microelectronics, embedded systems, computer and
software engineering, interactive multimedia and applied mathematics.
EEMCS: Your Connection to the Future.The Department of
Telecommunications of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering,
Mathematics, and Computer Science (EEMCS) at Delft University of
Technology focuses on: 1) Research and education in telecommunications.
We focus on telecommunications as a creator of connectivity in and for
the user domain, in particular ubiquitous, QoS-aware and person-centred
communication, and on the supporting core networks. 2) Research and
education in radar and navigation, where TU Delft has achieved an
internationally recognized leading position.
We address issues ranging from advanced services to networks, radio
technologies, and the underlying electromagnetic fundamentals. We are
also active in remote sensing and positioning technologies.

Job description
The International Research Centre for Telecommunications and Radar
(IRCTR) of Delft University of Technology performs internationally
recognized research in the areas of radar, remote sensing and
Nano-technology in electronics and mechanics aims at the development of
very small devices, e.g., mm3 scale and smaller, which are
computationally powerful and able to perform a wide variety of tasks,
including environment sensing and actuation, information extraction and
communication. Wireless communications between such devices is an
emerging and challenging area of research and will be the topic of this
PhD investigation. The research will focus on the physical layer
aspects of communication for nano-devices based on the transmission and
reception of electromagnetic (EM) fields, processing the received
signals and extracting information from them.

The researcher should have an MSc degree in electrical engineering or
physics and experience in the field of electromagnetics and statistical
signal detection. Preference is given to those who have both
theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The candidate should
have the ability to perform independent research as well as work in a
team on research projects. The duties include: 1) Development of a
detailed research programme; 2) Realization of this research programme;
3) Preparation and presentation of scientific publications; 4)
Preparing and defending the PhD thesis; 5) Supervision of MSc students.
The researcher should have an open personality and good English
language skills in order to closely cooperate with colleagues and
students as well as write project documents.

Conditions of employment
The estimated starting salary for the PhD student is € 2,000 per month
gross, with a maximum of € 2,558 gross (based on a full-time
appointment and depending on experience). The successful candidate will
be employed by Delft University of Technology for a fixed period of
four years within which he/she is expected to write a doctoral thesis.
TU Delft offers an attractive benefits package, including a flexible
work week, free high-speed Internet access from home, and the option of
assembling a customized compensation and benefits package (the ‘IKA’).
Salary and benefits are in accordance with the Collective Labour
Agreement for Dutch Universities.
Delft University of Technology strives to increase the number of women
in higher academic positions; women are therefore especially encouraged
to apply.

Information and application
For more information about this position, please contact G.J.M. Janssen
/ A. Yarovoy, phone: +31 (0)15-2786736 / +31 (0)15-2782496, e-mail:
g.j.m.janssen [-a-t-] / a.yarovoy [-a-t-]
To apply, please e-mail a detailed CV along with a letter of application by 1 December, 2008 to: peno-ewi [-a-t-]
When applying for this position, make sure to mention vacancy number EWI2008-37.


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