Japan: Graduate Research Program Scholarships in Computer Science

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Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) offers
Graduate Research Program (GRP) for deserving and qualified students.
This is a new graduate-level program aiming at providing the state of
the art education in the rapidly progressing field of computer science
and information technologies. Each student in this program will be
associated with one of research projects conducted by our nationally
and internationally recognized faculty members, and will participate in
research and development
under the project. Through the involvement in a cutting-edge research
project, the student receives in-depth training and high-quality
research supervision directly by the responsible faculty members
throughout the enrollment.


Graduate Research Projects:
The graduate research program is run in cooperation with funded
research projects. Each student admitted to this program will belong to
one of those projects, and will work in collaboration with the faculty
members and research stuffs of the project. On admission, the
admissions committee tentatively assigns each student a research
project based on the information provided in the application documents.
After enrollment, the students will be given an opportunity to select a
research project according to his/her interests.

The project will provide each student with the following financial supports:
Monthly stipend
Each student will receive the salary as a research
assistant for his/her own research/study. The amount is calculated as
28 hours per week and 1,400 yen (Japanese Yen) per hour. This means
about 157,000 yen per month (or, equivalently about 1,900,000 yen per
year). Each year, the contract will be judged to revalidate based on
the evaluation.

Travel expenses

For foreign students, financial support for onward travel travel will be provided.

Research fund

The project will provide sufficient funds for equipments, supplies and research trips necessary to carry out his/her research.

Student dormitory

JAIST offers on-campus student dormitory at very reasonable price.

From October 2002, this program is run by the Japanese Governmental
grant for promotion of advanced research and education (through March
2007), and from April 2005, cooperating with JSPS funds for 21st
Century COE Program (through March 2009). JAIST is among few that have
been awarded this funding. The current general theme is “Verification
and Development of Highly Reliable Internet
Software,” which covers wide range of foundational research on Internet
related software, ranging from theoretical foundations to innovative
application development. See this page for the current research groups.

Degree Program
The graduate research program offers a graduate education program leading to a Ph.D. degree. This is a 3 year course consisting of the following.
10 course units
10 credit units of project work
dissertation research
Tuitions and fees: Each student must pay his/her tuitions and fees. The current applicable amounts are as follows.

  • Annual tuitions: 535,800 yen
  • Admission fees: 282,000 yen
  • Screening fee: 30,000 yen

Eligible students can apply for exemption of these frees after the admission.
Application Information for April 2009 Admission
The GRP program will accept applications for October admission and for
April admission. The following information is only for April 2009

Those who hold a degree that is equivalence to master’s degree in
Japan or expect to earn such a degree by March 31, 2009 for the term
starting in April 2009.

Application Procedure:
This GRP program is part of a doctoral program of the School of
Information Science of JAIST. April 2009 admission is the
recommendation based GRP admission. They consists of three steps.

  • Notify to the GRP Admission Office
    Those who would like to apply for the GRP program must also notify the GRP Admission Office his/her intension to apply.
  • Contact with your intended supervisors in the faculty members. All
    applicants of the GRP program must first contact with intended
    supervisors in the faculty members of School of Information Science.
    Application without the contact with your intended supervisor(s) (and
    his/her recommendation) will not be considered.
  • Apply to GRP selection
    Send application form to GRP Admission Office before 9th January, 2009.
    For details and required documents, read the instruction carefully.

Application Form: http://www.jaist.ac.jp/is/GRP/GRPapplication_form.doc
Source: http://www.jaist.ac.jp/is/GRP/

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