EU: N. Mundus Scholarships for 2009/2010

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NOHA European Master’s in International Humanitarian Action has been
selected by the European Commission among the first Erasmus Mundus
masters courses for five years. This implies that the European
Commission will grant scholarships to highly qualified third-country
graduate students to follow the NOHA Mundus Masters Course, to scholars
to carry out teaching and research assignments and scholarly work in
the NOHA universities participating in the Course.

Third-country graduate student

  • Third-country
    graduate student means a national of a third country other than those
    from EEA-EFTA States and candidate countries for accession to the
    European Union;
  • who has already obtained a first higher education degree;
  • who
    is not a resident of any of the Member States or the participating
    countries (EEA-EFTA States and EU candidate countries for accession);
  • who
    has not carried out his or her main activity (studies, work, etc.) for
    more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in any of the
    Member States or the participating countries.



amount of the student grant is EUR 35, 600. Each scholarship
holder will receive EUR 1,600 each month for living costs during the 16
months duration of the program plus a fixed amount of EUR 10,000 to be
paid in two instalments of EUR 5,000 each per year.

students eligible for receiving an Erasmus Mundus scholarship fall into
two different categories: one general category in which grantees can
come from any third country and one specific category ("Asian windows")
in which funds are earmarked for nationals from specific Asian

regard to the general category NOHA consortium will reserve a 13 to 18
places for third-country students and 3 to 4 places for third-country
scholars every year.

regard to the specific category ("Asian windows") the NOHA consortium
will have the possibility to select 8 or 9 additional Asian students
every year.

Entry Requirements and Criteria

admission to the NOHA Masters on Humanitarian Action degree programme
may be granted to applicants who meet the following common admission

  • Candidates must have completed a good level of first degree in a discipline of relevance to humanitarian action.
  • Candidates
    are required to have a recognised qualification in the language(s) of
    instruction of the university that they plan to attend
  • Knowledge of languages of the place of study is an asset.
  • Practical
    experience in the area of humanitarian action in governmental,
    inter-governmental, and/ or nongovernmental organisations and
    institutions is valued.
  • Completed applications received.
  • Selection criteria includes:-
    • motivation;
    • academic qualifications;
    • language skills;
    • research experience 
    • professional experience.

Detailed Information

detailed information, application procedure and forms are available on
the following link. Please follow the link and browse through:-

  • Introduction
  • Students Application and Selection Criteria
  • Scholars Selection
  • Frequently asked questions

Deadline: 15 Dec, 2008



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