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The division of Clinical Immunology &
Rheumatology of the AMC integrates patient care, and fundamental and
translational research dedicated to rheumatic diseases. Our main
research topic is to elucidate the role of the immune system in the
pathogenesis of arthritis and the development of innovative therapies.
In our research group a PhD position is available for a scientific
project titled ‘Non-canonical NF-?B signaling in immune regulation’,
funded by NWO and the AMC. Nuclear factor-?B (NF-?B) transcription
factors are not only essential for the expression of pro-inflammatory
cytokines, but also induce regulatory circuits. NF-?B can be activated
via two signal transduction pathways. The canonical pathway controls
NF-?B activation in response to pro-inflammatory stimuli and plays a
pivotal role in inflammatory diseases. In contrast, the ins and outs of
non-canonical NF-?B signaling in modulating inflammatory responses have
not been elucidated yet. Recently, we have demonstrated that the
non-canonical NF-?B pathway is important in the regulation of immune
responses. The aim of this project is to further delineate the role of
this pathway in immunity. This will be accomplished by determining the
importance of NIK and IKKa, the main kinases of the non-canonical
pathway, in the regulation of inflammatory responses. Research will
focus on rheumatoid arthritis (RA) as a prototype immune-mediated
inflammatory disease. First, the role of this pathway will be
investigated in dendritic cells and in synovial fibroblasts of RA
patients. Next, the importance of non-canonical NF-?B signaling and the
effects of interfering with this pathway will be investigated in animal
models of arthritis. Gene therapeutic, immunological and
molecular/cellular biological techniques will be used. These studies
will provide fundamental insight into the role of the non-canonical
pathway in inflammation and may open up new strategies for therapeutic
intervention in inflammatory diseases like RA.


University Graduate
University Graduate:
master in biology, biochemistry, molecular biology or medical biology.
You are interested in research in a relevant medical topic in a
multidisciplinary setting. We are looking for enthusiastic candidates
with a keen interest to do both in vitro and in vivo research.

Additional information about the job:
We offer you a position for 4 years within a creative and interactive team.


Academic Medical Centre

Conditions of employment

Estimated maximum salary per month: eur 2000 – 2500
Salaryscale 07.
Maximum salary amount in Euro’s a month 2572
Employment basis: Temporary for specified period
Duration of the contract: Duration of the contract is 4 years.
Maximum hours per week: 36

Additional conditions of employment:
compensation will be according to standard salary levels for PhD
students starting with a salary of € 2007,- with a yearly growth to €
2572,- gross a month.

Additional Information

Or additional information can be obtained through one of the following links.

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You can apply for this job before 28-10-2008 by sending your application to:

AMC Medical Research B.V.
Afd. P en O, J1A-229
M.J. Scholtemeijer
Postbus 22660
1100 DD Amsterdam Zuidoost
E-mail address:

Dr. S.W. Tas, telefoon 020-5662171.

When applying for this job always mention the vacancy number AT081003.


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