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Japan International
Scholarships 2009 for International Students: Honjo International
Scholarship Foundation Requirements for foreign students applying for
scholarships in 2009

This scholarship is open to foreign students who will attend a graduate school at a Japanese university after April 1, 2009.

Number of Scholarships Available 10 to 14 students

Requirements (To be considered for the scholarship, the student must satisfy ALL of the requirement criteria below.)

1. The student is registered to attend a graduate school
in Japan and does not possess Japanese citizenship. His or her academic
achievement as well as moral character is exemplary. He or she must be
considered to be in need of financial aid due to extenuating financial
2. The student must be registered to attend or have been accepted to
attend a graduate school after April 1, 2009. He or she must be able to
provide any of the following documentation: a certificate of
enrollment, letter of admission or a letter attesting to the fact that
the student has been accepted.
3. To be eligible, students enrolled in a PhD
Program must have been born after March 31, 1973. Those enrolled in a
Master’s Program must have been born after March 31, 1978.
4. The student must be able to assure the committee that he or she will
be able to secure employment in his or her home country after
graduating from a graduate school.
5. The student must have a deep understanding of international
friendship and goodwill, and be committed to make his or her
6. The student must be able to carry an everyday conversation in Japanese. Interviews will be conducted in Japanese.

Other Rules
1. The student is not permitted to receive any other scholarship in
conjunction with the scholarship offered by the Honjo International
Scholarship Foundation.
2. The student cannot gain employment other than part-time work related to his or her studies such as teaching assistant, research assistant, translator or interpreter while receiving this scholarship

Amount and Duration of Scholarships
1. ¥200,000 per month for1 or 2 years
2. ¥180,000 per month for 3 years
3. ¥150,000 per month for 4 or 5 years

– The period is set in accordance with the shortest period of time required to complete the intended degree. The student, once awarded the scholarship will be able to choose either option 1 or 2.
– An extension will not be given on the pre-determined scholarship
period nor would the student be allowed to change his or her courses
after the scholarship period has commenced.

Selection Process
1. Applications are accepted between October 1, 2008 and November 30, 2008.
2. First selection: The first selection will be conducted with
documents submitted by applicants. The results of the first selection
will be announced by the end of January, 2009.
3. Second selection: Interviews will be conducted between February 1
and 15, 2009, in Tokyo. Its detailed schedule will be communicated at a
later date directly to those who passed the first step of the selection
4. Scholarship awarded: Mid-March, 2009.

How to Apply
1. Please send by mail the documents listed below to the Administration Office.

a) Scholarship application form (provided by the Foundation). Please make sure to affix your photo to the form as instructed.
b) Your resume (provided by the Foundation)
c) Personal information form (provided by the Foundation)
d) Academic transcript: Please provide the transcript i) from the
university where you graduated AND ii) any other courses that you are
currently taking or have taken in the past. Photocopies are acceptable.
e) Research plan: In Japanese, describe focusing around following four
points; i) an outline of your research; ii) projected schedule between
now and graduation; iii) plans and goals for the future; iv) research
you have conducted in the past (if any). There is no limit on the
number of pages or style. Typed or hand-written.
f) One letter of recommendation from a professor. (This confidential
letter should mention the applicant’s academic achievements,
character/personality, and his or her potential for the future.)
g) A certificate of enrollment or a letter of admission. (Photocopies are acceptable.)

2. Your application package will be not returned to you.

3. Your personal information provided by you for the purpose of
applying for our scholarship will be not used for any other purposes
than for the scholarship selection process except for the following

a) During the scholarship selection process, individuals on the selection committee may obtain/view your application package.
b) In order to avoid awarding multiple scholarships to an individual,
we provide a list of the names of the students who were awarded the
scholarship to the universities and other foundations also offering scholarships.

4. Please make sure you enclose all the necessary documents listed
above as your application package will not be eligible if it was found
to be incomplete.

5. As soon as we receive your application package, an e-mail will be
sent to notify you of your application number. We will announce the
results of the first selection on January 31 by posting on our web site
the application numbers of the students who will continue to the next
step of the selection process.

Application Deadline: Postmarked on/by November 30, 2008.

Receiving the Scholarship
1. The payment of the scholarship money will be issued starting from April, 2009.
2. The scholarship winners are under no obligation to repay the amount they receive from the Foundation.
3. Scholarship payment will be stopped if circumstances listed below arise.
a) Due to sickness or other reasons, the student is no longer able to continue his or her studies and/or research.
b) When the supervising professor of the student deemed him or her unsuitable for his or her studies and/or research.
c) When the student suffered from low academic achievement or displayed dishonorable behavior.
d) When the student behaved in a way that endangers the reputation of the Foundation and the other scholarship winners.

Please send your application package to:
Honjo International Scholarship Foundation
1-14-9, Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0063
Tel: +81-3-3468-2214
Fax: +81-3-3468-2264
Send inquiries to honjo-zaiban[at]mui.biglobe.ne.jp


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