Sweden: PhD Fellowship in Neuroscience and Physiology

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Consumption of inexpensive medicines increased risks for resistance development and environmental effects?

Pharmaceuticals are thought to reach the aquatic environment
primarily via sewage effluents, where for example estrogens can
feminize fish. Low levels of antibiotics in normal treated sewage
effluents are not believed affect microorganisms. However, we recently
showed that treated effluent from 90 production sites in India contains
extremely high, toxic levels of antibiotics, with ciprofloxacin up to 1
million times the levels normally found in sewage effluents. We will
start to address the environmental impact of the release of
pharmaceuticals at this centre for the global bulk-drug market. This
will also include the impact on species diversity and resistance
development of bacterial communities. The project will also address
different possibilities of how the situation can be improved. We
believe the project will provide new knowledge on antibiotic pollution
and the subsequent development of resistance, of urgent importance for
improving regulatory standards for production units world-wide. The
project will be performed in collaboration with several other research
groups, both in Sweden and India.


The project is part of the multidisciplinary graduate school Miljö och Hälsa (Environment and Health) coordinated by Centre for Environment and Sustainability at University
of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology. Terms of
employment: two years of utbildningsbidrag and two years of
doktorandanställning is guaranteed as PhD student.

Desired background: experience in molecular biology, physiology,
microbiology and toxicology as well as documented laboratory skills.

For more information about the project, please contact main supervisor
Joakim Larsson, joakim.larsson[ at ]fysiologi.gu.se, tel +46 31 786 35
website http://www.physiology.gu.se/endo/staff.JL.htm

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