Netherlands: PhD student (molecular) biologist, physician, biochemist)

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The Immuno- and Renal pathology group of the
department of Pathology at the Academic Medical Center integrates
clinical diagnostics, and fundamental and translational research
dedicated to renal diseases. Our main research topic is to elucidate
the role of different components of the innate immunity system in the
pathogenesis of renal diseases. To unravel the involvement of innate
immunity in the renal diseases, we used relevant rodent models for
acute and chronic renal injury (ischemia-reperfusion, obstructive
nephropathy, renal transplantation and pyelonephritis), renal biopsies,
urine and plasma of renal patients, and in vitro models (tubular
epithelial cell and endothelial cell cultures). Our research line is
part of the Center for Immunology Amsterdam.

In our research group a PhD position is available for a scientific
project titled ‘The hidden face of CD44 in renal injury and repair’
funded by the Dutch Kidney Foundation. Recently, we have unraveled the
role of CD44, a glycoprotein involved in many crucial biological
processes such as cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions in rodent
models of renal injury. Our research has established a crucial role for
CD44 in renal injury and repair. However, much more efforts are needed
before innovative therapies based on CD44 become reality. To establish
the specific roles of different forms of CD44 in renal injury and
repair, we have generated a unique set of transgenic mice expressing
different types of CD44 specifically in renal tubules. We anticipate
that identifying the role of CD44 splice-variants in renal injury will
give new insights into the mechanisms of renal inflammation, injury and
repair and hopefully leads to specific therapies for patients with
renal diseases. During this research we will use relevant in vivo
models of renal diseases in mice and in vitro cultures of tubular
epithelial cells. Immunological, molecular biological and cellular
biological techniques will be used.


University Graduate
You have a Master in
biology, biochemistry, molecular biology or medical biology, you are
interested by research in a relevant medical topic in a
multidisciplinary setting.

Additional information about the job:
We offer you a position for 4 years with in a creative and enthusiastic team.


Academic Medical Centre

Conditions of employment

Salaryscale 07.
Maximum salary amount in Euro’s a month 2572
Employment basis: Temporary for specified period
Duration of the contract: Duration of the contract is 4 years.
Maximum hours per week: 36


Additional conditions of employment:
compensation will be according to standard salary levels for PhD
students starting with a salary of € 2007,- with a yearly growth to €
2572,- gross a month.

Additional Information

Or additional information can be obtained through one of the following links.

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You can apply for this job before 30-09-2008 by sending your application to:

AMC Medical Research BV
M. van der Meer
Postbus 22660
1100 DD Amsterdam Zuidoost
E-mail address:

Prof.dr. Sandrine Florquin, telefoon 020-5664240, e-mail:

When applying for this job always mention the vacancy number AT080707.
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