Germany: Research Engineer in Electrical Systems

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The European Institute for Energy Research
(EIFER) is a non-profit research organization located in Karlsruhe; its
Members are EDF and Universität Karlsruhe (TH). EIFER aims at
developing innovative clean energy technologies, as well as tools and
approaches for the sustainable development of cities and industries.


We are looking for a Research engineer / scientist in the field of electrical systems to join the Distributed Generation Group.

The candidate should have a PhD
or an engineering degree in the field of electric power systems. The
position is dedicated to distributed generation systems and their
integration into an overall energy system. The candidate will develop
the required communication solutions so as to ensure the correct
monitoring of numerous on site experiments. Data management and data
processing solutions will also have to be addressed. Operation,
monitoring and assessment of Combined Heat and Power systems are part
of the work.

Working within a large collaborative project, the candidate will
also improve integration and automation of distributed generation
systems, through the development of innovative control strategies for
small-power systems. The candidate should thus have skills and
experience in the field of automation (hardware and software).

The position on offer is within a team of several people, mostly
concerned with the development and the assessment of small power energy
generation systems. There will be an important component of lab
experimentation to complement the development work.

Fluency in German and English are mandatory. Knowledge of French would be appreciated.


Working place: Karlsruhe – GERMANY

Start: as soon as possible

Please, apply before 15 September 2008

Dr. A. Aslanides
European Institute for Energy Research (EIFER)
Emmy-Noether-Str. 11
76131 Karlsruhe

Telefon: (07 21) 61 05 13 23
E-Mail: antoine.aslanides[ at ]

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