Austria: PhD Studentship in Tribological Test Engineering and Surface Analysis

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Introduction and Motivation:
Journal bearings and other constructional elements – like engine
lubricants – in internal combustion engines, increasingly reach their
loading limit. Pure empirical improvements, as conducted in the past,
are not sufficient to fulfil the demands posed on new generations of
engines and their components. In order to optimize the system journal
bearing (materials and lubricants) based on scientific results we
extend our research team by a PhD-student in the fields of tribological
test engineering and surface analysis.

Tasks job description

  • Assisting in optimizing the tribological test methods of the Chair of Mechanical Engineering
  • Conduction of tribological experiments to visualize the system
    properties of interest (Formation of tribological boundary layers due
    to components of the lubricant)
  • Performing additional damage analysis of the surface structure and
    the surface chemistry using light microscopy, laser confocal microscopy
    LEXT, SEM/EDX, Raman, AES, micro/nanoindentation,
  • Interpretation of the results also using the assistance of scientific software tools
  • Deducing tribological functional models of the processes taking place in the boundary layers
  • [g2]

Due to the duration of the project (from 07/2008 to 12/2012) and due
to the technical-scientific activities it is possible to compose a
PhD-thesis at the University of Leoben.

Demands Qualification

  • Master’s degree of a technical or natural-scientific university: chemistry, physics, material science,
  • Strong interest in dealing with technical problems applying scientific methods
  • Knowledge in chemical-physical analysis
  • Interest in technics
  • English (spoken and written)
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Independence and ability to solve problems
  • Basic knowledge in scientific software tools (Matlab, )

Contact Person:
Dr. Florian Grün
Tel: +43-3842-402-1450
E-Mail: florian.gruen[ at ]


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