Holland : 3 PhD Students (multi-topic)

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The Departments of Nuclear Medicine, Radiology
and Medical Informatics collaborate in a translational research project
aimed at (further) improvement of a novel anti-tumor therapy.

This therapy is based on the use of small radioactive proteins (peptides), which bind specifically to receptors

on the tumor cells. These radioactive peptides locally irradiate and kill the tumor cells. The project has a strong

multidisciplinary character with involvement of biologists, physicians and engineers.

Job description

Within this project, non-invasive imaging techniques (MRI and
SPECT) will be used to study peptide binding to tumor tissue, local
tumor characteristics, and tumor response to therapy in a pre-clinical
model. The acquired

information will be used to identify characteristics that may influence distribution of the peptide and response to

therapy; these results will be verified clinically. This knowledge can then be used to personalize the individual

patient treatment. For this project 3 PhD students will address individual issues relevant to the project but will

also function as a team. Each student will be responsible for performing research, analyzing results, and writing

scientific manuscripts, leading to a PhD dissertation.


University Graduate
Function-requirements positions 1&2

You are a physician or qualified biologist/biomedical scientist and have affinity with multidisciplinary translational

research. You are able to motivate others about your research and
can build good working relations both within and outside the research
team. You are organized and result-driven.

Function-requirements position 3

You have a Master’s degree in physics, electrical engineering, mathematics, statistics, biomedical engineering or

computer science. Experience with (medical) image processing
techniques is an advantage. You should be familiar with programming and
able to work in a multi-disciplinary team. Strong theoretical skills
and affinity with medical imaging are required.


Additional information about the job:

more information about positions 1&2, please contact Prof. M. de
Jong (m.hendriks-dejong@erasmusmc.nl,00-31-10-703-5781) or Dr. M.R.
Bernsen (m.bernsen@erasmusmc.nl, 00-31-10-704-4198). For more

on position 3, please contact Dr. J.F. Veenland (j.veenland@erasmusmc.nl, 00-31-10-704-3122).


Erasmus MC
Erasmus MC is a dynamic, challenging, and cooperative research environment which operates at the forefront

of global scientific development.

Conditions of employment

Employment basis: Temporary for specified period
Duration of the contract: For a period of 4 years

Additional conditions of employment:
will be hired as a PhD student (OIO-onderzoeker in opleiding) for a
period of 4 years and paid according to the Collective Labor Agreement
University Medical Centers, increasing from a gross monthly salary of €
2.007,- in the

first year to € 2.572,- in the last year.

Additional Information

Or additional information can be obtained through one of the following links.

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You can’t apply for this job anymore. The application was closed at: 28-07-2008.

Erasmus MC
Clusterbureau 7
L Loes Wijsman
Postbus 2040
3000 CA Rotterdam

E-mail address: personeelszaken.cluster7@erasmusmc.nl

You may submit your Curriculum Vitae and a
letter describing your motivation within 3 weeks of publication of this
advertisement, addressed to: Mrs. L. Wijsman, adviser Personnel
Department Cluster 7, room Hs 205, Erasmus MC, P.O. Box 2040, 3000 CA
Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 31.01.08.C7 should be specified on both
envelope and letter. You may also submit your application as a single
PDF file to: e-mail:


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