France: PhD research assistant position in Wireless Communication Networks

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Research in the area of wireless communication
networks has recently  experienced an unprecedented embrace by both
industry and academia.  Interest has been fueled by the promised
benefits of such research in advancing the quality of life in a
plethora of settings. Recently research in the area of cooperative
networks has specifically been fuelled by advances that promise
exponential gains in the error performance of networks with reduced
structure, little central oversight, and limited computational
capabilities. The research area’s utility and challenging nature is
demonstrated both by the contributions from a variety of disciplines,
such as information theory, discrete mathematics, game theory and
finance, as well as from the effort to unify the above and to bring
forth the inherent complexities of multi-terminal communication and

In pace with the above
challenges, the proposed thesis will seek to explore the theoretical
limitations of network communications, propose novel network coding
schemes, present relaying methods and cooperation protocols, and
investigate fundamental performance tradeoffs. The research will seek
to provide an in-depth and unifying exposition to the complex nature of
analyzing, coding, cooperating, controlling and competing in wireless
networks, utilizing the intricacies of multi-terminal network theory
and the advanced mathematical structures that support network
communication and interactions.

the proposed research will study advanced telecommunications techniques
for opportunistic and cooperative multi-user communications for complex
and dynamically changing wireless networks. This is a fascinating area
that uses advanced mathematical tools towards analysis
optimization of large-scale networks which can change arbitrarily fast,
and in which actions have a strict delay constraint and strict
practicality limitations. The proposed Ph.D. Thesis is highly conducive
to inter-disciplinary collaboration, it builds on a diverse set of
theoretical breakthroughs (• random matrix theory • division algebras •
combinatorics • algebraic geometry) and has been strongly embraced by
technology (• sensor networks • decentralized/opportunistic networks •
network control-communication-cooperation).

Description of Research

Interdisciplinary research in the general area of wireless communication networks :

  • Proposed research combines engineering and mathematics, theory and practice
  • Topic strongly embraced by both academia and industry

Subtopics will potentially include :

  • Cooperative networks – cooperative diversity
  • Network and MIMO coding techniques
  • Information theoretic bounds
  • Application of sensor networks – stochastic network optimization
  • Queuing theoretic aspects
  • Complexity of information extraction in wireless communications networks

Salient features of PhD Position and Research Topic

  • Studies, salary and benefits fully funded by scholarship
  • Participation in European networks-of-excellence and research projects
  • Collaborations with leading research groups
  • Advanced courses Electrical Engineering and Mathematics
  • Very competitive salary and benefits package
  • Fully funded attendance to international conferences

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