Netherlands: Two Ph.D. positions and a PhD student bio-medical sciences

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Job description

The Laboratory for Immunohistophysiology of the Dept. of
Cell Biology and Histology of the Academic Medical Center at the University of
Amsterdam, the Netherlands (headed by Prof.Dr. Martien L. Kapsenberg and Dr.
Esther C. de Jong) has a long standing reputation in studying the function and
modulation of dendritic cells. For our research program ‘Use of dendritic cells
for immunotherapy of allergy’ we have 1 PhD and 2 Post-doc positions available.
We offer interesting research in an internationally engaged immunological
research group that currently consists of 10 people (PhD students, post-docs and
technicians). The PhD project will be concluded with a


Allergic diseases are characterized by
exaggerated allergen-specific Th2-dominated immune responses to harmless
antigens. This hyper-reactivity is believed to be caused by the fact that
natural mechanisms that counterbalance the Th2 cells fail to come of. Certain
allergies can be treated with long-term success by specific allergen
immunotherapy (SIT), which is probably based on the induction of
allergen-specific regulatory T cells.
Dendritic cells play an important role
in the initiation and regulation of immune responses by balancing the
development of effector Th1, Th2 or Th17 cells and counteractive regulatory T
cells. Previous studies have shown that selected adjuvants highly determine the
outcome of an immune response by their priming effect on dendritic cells.

The projects aim to study the role of dendritic cells in the mechanism
underlying SIT in more detail and to innovate SIT by developing vaccines that
effectively target dendritic cells for the induction of allergen-specific
regulatory T cells. To this aim we will explore the use of dendritic
cell-targeting antibodies and regulatory adjuvants in human in vitro cells and
in in vivo mouse models


PhD-project: Dendritic cell targeting for
specific allergen immunotherapy (4 years, sponsored by the Dutch Asthma
Foundation): We are looking for a highly motivated and enthousiastic MSc. in
bio-medical sciences, or equivalent candidates, with an interest in human

Post-doc project I: Adjuvants for immunotherapy (3 years,
sponsored by the Dutch Top Institute Pharma program):
We are looking for a
highly motivated and enthousiastic PhD in immunology, or equivalent candidates,
with an interest in human dendritic cells.

Additional information about the job:
We offer an
interesting three or four-year research position for the Postdocs and a four
years researchposition for the PhD student. The PhD student is expected to end
the four-year contract with a promotion. The salary for the Postdocs depends on
the experience and is at least € 2722,00 gross per month..The salary for the PhD
student starts at € 1.937 gross per month and grows to € 2.482 gross per month
in the fourth year. Employment is through AMC Medical Research bv.


AMC Medical Research B.V.

Conditions of employment

Estimated maximum salary per month: eur 2000 –
Salaryscale 07.
Maximum salary amount in Euro’s a month 2722

Duration of the contract: 3 and 4 years
Maximum hours per week:

Additional Information

Or additional information can be obtained through one
of the following links.

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You can apply for this job before 01-06-2007 by sending
your application to:

AMC Medical Research B.V.
Afd. P & O,
M.C. van der Meer
Postbus 22660
1100 DD
E-mail address:

prof.dr. M.L.Kapsenberg, telefoon 020-5774962, e-mail:, of Dr. E.C. de Jong, telefoon 20-5664963, e-mail:
When applying for this job always mention the vacancy
number AT070313.

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