South korea-update: MS and Ph.D scholarships at wireless technology lab

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Contributor: Hidayath Mirza

A detailed Lab introduction is available with me <>.

 Research area:
 Small antenna, microwave circuit, RFID & MIMO  antenna, wireless channel modeling.
Requirements to fill up:
   1. Candidates have to be familiar with Microwave theories, Antenna and Electromagnetic fields and waves theory. Having a
 high GPA with good ranking in B.E or B.Tech with electronics and communication Engg or related.
   2. Applied physics students can also try.
   3. TOEFL score of 230-260 / Toefl ibt 98+ points or IELTS score of >== 6.5 + band is a prerequisite for the scholarship.
   4. Required knowledge of MATLAB or C language for  simulation purposes (if possible).
   5. Having previous publications will be highly  preferred.  

Degree :                           Duration
1. M.S.                                  2 yrs
2. Ph.D                                  4yrs
 Scholarship Benefits:
1. For IITA(Institute of Information Technology Assesment), $ 10000 (approx) for masters(2 years) and $14000(approx) for PhD(3
 years). There is a combined program ‘masters leading to PhD’ for 4 years under this scholarship scheme.
   2. For KRF(Korea Foundation) scholarship, $7500(approx) for masters and $ 10000(approx) for PhD with the same duration
 mentioned previously.
Really Interested students are encouraged to send a   detailed CV  with marks in Electromagnetics , microwave engineering, Antenna theory ,communication systems, scanned copy of IELTS/TOEFL score and GPA , CGPA  from 10 th standard to highest degree obtained to Hidayath Mirza <> as soon as possible.


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