Doctoral Stipends at RWTH Aachen University

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Aachen Institute for Advanced Study in
Computational Engineering Science (AICES) offers 20 doctoral stipends
in a new Ph.D. program under the auspices of the Excellence Initiative
of the German state and federal governments.

Since 2002, RWTH Aachen University -one of the leading technical
universities in Europe- has been establishing educational structures to
meet the future research challenges in computational engineering
science (CES). Bachelor and Master programs in CES are now operating,
and are joined by a Ph.D. program in CES in summer semester of 2007.

Academic aims
The graduate school sets out to advance the computational engineering
science in three critical areas of synthesis: model identification and
discovery supported by
model-based experimentation, understanding scale interaction and scale
integration, and optimal design and operation of engineered systems.
The application areas include materials science, chemical engineering,
transportation systems, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering,
and geoscience.

The AICES curriculum is primarily aimed at a small number of
exceptional Bachelor graduates. Depending on the background, 2 to 3
semesters of qualifying coursework conclude
with a doctoral thesis proposal. Subsequent research program involves
establishment of experimental collaboration and concludes with thesis
writing and defense. In the start-up phase, candidates at Master or
Diplom level may also be admitted directly into the
research phase of the program.

Admission requirements
Recent Bachelor degree in engineering, geoscience, mathematics or
computer science; evidence of English-language skills; and a high
quality of scholarship evident
from transcripts and other application materials. The deadline for the
first batch of applications is February 15, 2007 for admission in April
2007; applications will continue to be accepted for
admission to future semesters.

Financial support
All selected applicants will receive a tuition benefit and a monthly
stipend of 500 during the coursework and a stipend of 1500 euro during
the research phase.

Further information

Contact person

Prof. M. Behr
Tel: +49 (0)241 80 28430
Fax: +49 (0)241 80 22430

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