Ph.D. students for a research program in Antenna Systems

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Application deadline October 2, 2006

Application deadline October 2, 2006

The Department of Signals and Systems are seeking two Ph.D. students for a research program in Antenna Systems, one in Signal Processing and one in Communication Systems. The research program is called CHARMANT, Chalmers Research Centre on Microwave Antenna Systems, and involves six research groups at Chalmers as well as several partners outside Chalmers. CHARMANT is a Strategic Research Centre, sponsored by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research.

The current two positions concern MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) technology for wireless communications. This has emerged as a promising technology to meet future
demands on high capacity and spectral efficiency in mobile communication.
"Traditionally", this means using antenna arrays at both ends of a communication link.
The purpose of this project is to investigate unconventional MIMO systems as well as novel ways to realize the potential of MIMO technology. The work is done in close collaboration with industry.

As a person you
" should have experience of independent project work within the communications area,
" must be independent but should at the same time be able to work in projects with others,
" must be full of initiative and have analytical skills,
" should be good at programming,
" must be fluent in both spoken and written English, since most of the education is in English and you must write your own publications in English, and
" should have the ability to communicate research results and teaching material in a pedagogical and easily understandable way.

As a Ph.D. student you will perform research, study Ph.D. courses and participate in undergraduate education. You will also attend international conferences and meetings.
Applicants should have a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering (or similar competence), with a suitable specialization and research interests. The objective of a Doctoral Studentship is to obtain a Ph.D. degree, with the intermediate goal to obtain the degree of Licentiate of Engineering. The time period for the position is limited to five years. We encourage both men andwomen to apply.

For more information about CHARMANT and the different research topics therein, see the homepage:

More information about the activities at the Department of Signals and Systems

and its research groups can be found at
Application deadline October 2, 2006

Ph.D. Student Position in Signal Processing:
MIMO repeaters
Ref. No. 94/2006
Contact person: Professor Mats Viberg, phone +46 31 772 1773, email:

Ph.D. Student Position in Communication Systems:

MIMO base stations
Ref. No. 95/2006
Contact person: Professor Tony Ottosson, phone +46 31 772 5189, email:

We welcome your application including transcripts, marked with reference number 94/2006 or 95/2006 respectively to or
Chalmers tekniska högskola, Registrator, SE-412 96 Göteborg, Sweden, by October 2nd, 2006.

Union representatives

SACO Jan Lindér, ST-ATF Monika Orrbacke, SEKO Ralf Berndtsson. They can be reached through Chalmers switchboard on +46 31 772 1000.

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